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The Cheaper Diapers

My baby is growing up so fast and his cloth diapers are now a little too small for his size and for his urine. I mean it soaks in just one pee! He has also become an active toddler so the conventional disposables would be out of their proper place in just a few twist, turns, and runs.

I needed to try training pants. The diapers which are to be worn like his first underwears. Like how we, adults, wear ours. They are sometimes called pull-up pants.

So off I searched on in the groceries and tried the well-known Huggies Pull-up Pants. I know this is a good brand, since my nephew has been using it until his toddlerhood. But for these reasons I didn’t stick to it:

1. Maybe the size I got was wrong that the fit was too tight, or it just didn’t get along well with baby’s skin: My baby had bottom rashes! End of Huggies story.

2. It’s price is not cheap and I wanted to search for alternative brands that can do the job at a lower price.

Good thing that I get to consider other brands and for this post I will introduce you to them:

1. Brand: SM Bonus Training Pants
Made in: not stated
Size: XL
Pack of: 5 diapers
Bought for: Php 56.75
That’s: Php 11.35 per piece
How is it:
It’s manufactured for the SM Bonus brand, hence making the impression that I can always and only find it in SM stores. It’s available only in this pack which is perfect for travels and days-out. But since I also prefer buying in bulk, I will just have to buy lots of packs.
It’s a decent diaper that does its primary job of collecting wetness and keeping it away from baby’s skin for a time. It fits just well but as time goes by, or as movements become many, everything seem to convene at the middle making it look like a G-string or “bahag”.
Will still keep it in my options should other brands run out.


2. Brand: Mamy Poko Pants
Made in Indonesia
Size: XL
Pack of: 16 diapers
Bought for: Php 169.75
That’s: Php 10.61 per piece
How is it: Among the three brands, Mamy Poko is the only one with a distinct and easily noticeable mark for which side is the front side. This is in the form of several blue lines at the waistband. This is a great plus. It’s also super soft and I think it absorbs more liquid than the others. The fit is also perfect! What more can I say, this will be my most preferred among the three!



3. Brand: Genius Grow Up Pants
Made in
Size: XL
Pack of: 20 diapers
Bought for: Php 206.75
That’s: Php 10.34 per piece
How is it: This brand is not so well-known yet having no commercial ads as far as I know. But it’s a good diaper that does its primary job, too. It covers baby’s bottom better than the SM Bonus does, and it fits so comfortable that there’s more room for everything! I think it’s slightly softer too.



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Moonlight Feels

Tonight I’ll write to the moon
To tell you,  “Go home soon.”
I can’t ride the night alone
Give me reason through the phone.

Missing you in our place of love
Anything else I can have
Love will grow, love will wait
Until the dawn that I’m awake.

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Environment-friendly Washables Part 3 (Pantiliners)

Shortly after I discovered washable mama pads, I came to know that there is something for those ordinary days when you don’t need the pads and use pantiliners instead. The seller is Print ur Stuff.

I think they make the pantiliners themselves and are actually lookig for re-sellers. The retail price is Php 60 per piece, and they offer discounts for bulk orders. You have to pay additional Php 165 for the delivery charge. I find the delivery charge expensive since they are sending it via LBC. Nevertheless, what’s more important is that their amazing products reached me. Thanks to their very prompt and very kind customer service.

Photo from Print ur Stuff
The actual pantiliner

Since the fabric used was cotton, there’s no question on its comfort and durability. However, at times I find it harder to remove some stains if compared with how easy it is to remove stains from the sanitary pads.

Anyway it’s so good to wear everyday. I am confident that I am being good to the environment,  I am not exposed to the disposables’ chemicals on a daily basis, and it’s just like wearing my underwear.

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Environment-friendly Washables Part 2 (Mama Pads)

After a year of being a cloth diaper user for my baby, I came across washable mama pads or washable sanitary napkins through an online seller on facebook,  Mum & Bubs Fashion Passion.

Photo from Mum & Bubs Fashion Passion Page.

Had I known about this long time ago, I could have started enjoying the benefits then. Anyway, it’s never too late as I still have decades of reproductive years.  🙂

Let me share its goodness and how it works.

1. The cute designs are in striking colors as shown in the picture. It makes me excited to wear the next after the other.

2. Its front layer is made of black or gray soft cloth that became my skin’s best friend the moment I wore it. I realized how uncomfortable are the disposable napkins that I wore for almost two decades! So I’m actually bidding them goodbye.
The front layer absorbs the liquid up to the thick middle portion. The material is designed to hold as much liquid as possible, and then give it up easily with just simple soaking in laundry soap and water. Even gentle detergents can do the job. I’m a washing machine person so I include it in the tub after a preliminary rinse. It’s way easier than I imagined.

3. The back layer (the colored part shown in the picture) is water-proof. It is the side facing the underwear and it is responsible in preventing the leak. I think this is one primary concern of ladies who are hesitant to try washable pads. But I’ve proven that with proper use and replacement, it does its job better than disposables do. During heavy flows, one can change every 2-3 hours, while on regular days it can last up to 5 hours on,  just like disposables! Of course we just have to bring our wet bag so nothing in our pouch gets involved accidentally!

Like the cloth diapers which I wrote about in Part 1, initial cost is high for the pads. I got mine for Php 850 for 7 pieces. That is the promo that the seller offered with free shipping. The good thing about it is that I don’t worry about buying my monthly supply of disposable pads, plus I get to change as many times as possible knowing that I won’t throw anything.

It’s really worth it. I just wish more women will make their move towards using washable pads.

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Environment-friendly Washables Part 1 (Cloth Diapers)

Being a first time mother makes one a great product tester! Almost all sorts of baby stuff went under my nose like they never did before. All including diapers.

During my little one’s first 3 months of life, he used disposable diapers. It was only after I won the raffle of Human Heart Nature that I came to try a different thing.

More about the raffle first. Human Heart Nature just released their new Nappy Cream when I was still pregnant. As I remember it  correctly, the first 100 buyers will be the winners of the Next9 Cloth Diapers, which is also included in their product line. Know more about it here.

Luckily I was included in the first 100 buyers and I was able to claim the set of three cloth diapers. The designs were: denim, apple green,  and red cars.

I tried it on my LO and he was so comfortable with it! The inner side of the shell is made of a very soft material that keeps away wetness from baby’s skin,  while the other side is made of a waterproof material to prevent leaks. Inside the shell is the super absorbent insert that holds certain amount of wetness.

I only used it on my baby during daytime. For his solid poops it’s not a big problem because the solids can be easily rinsed away with water before doing the real laundry job (with mild detergent). But later on I realized that it would be more convenient to let him wear disposables until he poops. That way I only have to throw away the soiled diaper, then change him with the cloth one so that the expected burden is just the wetness.

Since baby needs to change every 2-3 hours, I added a dozen more cloth diapers to my initial prize of three pieces. I ordered it online through the sellers in There are lots of cute designs to choose from and discounts are available if bought in bulk. For example: I got 5 cloth diapers costing Php 240 each for only Php 1,000 with free delivery.

It’s a costly initial expense,  but doing the math I already recovered the cost in two months if compared with 100% use of disposables. Imagine how much I saved now that baby has been using them for over a year! I also was easy on the environment through the reduced solid wastes generated from my home.

There is an extra effort, though on my part – the additional load of laundry. But that has become easy thanks to the washing machine.

Would I recommend this to other moms? Would I use it again on my next baby if ever?

Definitely YES!

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Avon Online Store

My all time favorite women’s brand now has an online store!

Avon Cosmetics Inc., is the most well-known direct selling brand and the one that I grew up with. My mother and grandmother have been using it even before I was born.

Some time last year they launched the online ordering system and I signed up for an account. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to order until only this month, so that account was forfeited. Happily, when they receive my online order, I was contacted at once by their representative informing me of my closed account and assisted me on how I may continue with the order as they create a new account for me.

I appreciate their customer service that I received my orders the next business day. For online ordering,  first timers need to accept the items and pay the amount personally upon the arrival of the courier, which is DHL for my case.

I’ll make updates once I make my succeeding online purchases. 🙂

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Ever Bilena Eye Brow Kit Review

For eyebrow enthusiasts like me I’m sure you’re going to love this new product from Ever Bilena! I was so glad that EB came up with their very own Eye Brow Kit as I saw it in the store last December. I finally bought one this January when my old eye brow powder no longer matched my new hair color.




For only Php 200 at Watsons, I became an owner of this awesome product. Why awesome? Let me count the ways.

1.     Packaging is so clean in white container.


2.     It has three shades of brown, which one could choose from according to preference. I love the lightest shade as I really bought it to match my chestnut-colored hair.

3.     It has its compartment for the wax. Oh how wax makes the magic to eyebrow powders!

4.     It comes with the eyebrow brush and the mini tweezers (which I have set aside, hence not included in the picture). Both brush and the mini tweezers are of good quality and they can both fit in the compartment designated for them!

5.     The mirror occupied the whole cover, making it user-friendly. You can see yourself well while using the product.


I’ve been using this daily for over three months and I haven’t even used up half of the lightest shade! The wax is running out, though, so I’m probably re-purchasing in a month or two.


To get that look, here are simple steps.

1.       Clear out stray strands of your brow by using the tweezers.

2.       Trim the long strands of the brow using brow comb and scissors such that almost all brow strands are about 0.5 cms long. This is very important in applying the product precisely later.

3.       Using the provided brush, apply wax all over the brow. The wax will serve as the base for the powder.

4.       Using the same brush, dab some powder and draw along the curved line on top of the brow, starting from the inner side all the way outwards.

5.       Dab some more powder and draw along the bottom of the brow, still starting from the inner side then outwards, until the line meets the end of the first curve.

6.       Fill in the space in the middle.

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HaLOLan 2016

This is my second time to attend UP Samaskom’s Live AIDS performance and I am so priviledged to watch the 31st show of this longest-running live comedy show in the country.

This year’s show is entitled HaLOLan 2016, featuring political personalities and issues, which is so timely for the upcoming elections on May 9,  2016. 


It’s my Saturdate with my husband and we were at the venue around 10 minutes before 7pm.

We waited in line and were able to be seated shortly after the entrance was opened.

The performances were entertaining and it’s a plus that we were seated on the 4th row. I was able to see the performers well – their makeup, costumes,  movements.

What I like best is the performance of Kaladkaren Agila.

Looking forward to seeing the show again next year.  ☺

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Sore Throat

Kay aga aga ngunit madaling mapagod.
Hapong-hapo at sa lalamanuna’y humahagod.
Simoy ng hangi’y walang puwang sa tag-araw.
Pawis  ay nariyan, o kay babaw!

Diwa’y waring ayaw bumitaw
Sa tulugan lalo na kung walang ilaw.
Maghapong humilata yan ay masaya.
Makaramdam ng sapat na pahinga.

Narito kung saan dapat nandoon
Kumikilos ngunit saan ba paroroon.
Nalilito, natutuliro, nasaan ang isip mo?

Sari-saring pagkain ang nais lamunin
Makukuntento rin sa malamig na inumin.
Maging sapat kaya, o kailangan pa ng iba
Ng katawan kong kailangan ng medisina.

Inaantok, tinatamlay.
Yan ay kailangan nang ihimlay.
Nawa’y lumisan na
Ang sakit kong taglay!


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Kids Church

Last Sunday we got our little one’s ID for his Sunday “classes” and it’s worth sharing more about it here.

In Victory Christian Fellowship, a series of adult services happen mostly during Sundays. You can find out more about this church and its schedules in their website.

Simultaneous with each of the services are classes in Kids Church for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and pre-teens. Kids are accommodated in separate rooms according to the age group which they belong. 

My LO and I have been attending since he was around 6 months old so for a few Sundays we were able to be part of the 0-1 year old group (for nursing moms and their babies). Before he turned one we were already joining the toddlers (1-2 years old) group.


The ID and the Claim Card

The ID will be worn by the child while at the Kids Church. Little kids are usually accompanied by either a parent or a guardian. For security, the claim card (the one on top of the ID) needs to be presented before the child can leave the Kids Church.

Having a Kids Church is an answered prayer for parents and children. Here are some of the benefits, as far as the babies, toddlers, and their parents are concerned (I’m writing for this age group since my LO is still a toddler as of this moment and thus my limited experience):

1. Baby can have his necessities in the most comfortable way possible (milk, nappy change, dancing sessions, sleep).

2. Crying babies can have the liberty to express themselves without disturbing the ongoing service.

3. Toddlers enjoy much as they play with toys and meet other toddlers. It’s kind of an early exposure to playrooms where they can meet their first friends.

4. Parent/Guardian can still listen to the ongoing service via the audio-video broadcasted to the rooms.

I hope to see my little one progress on through the next stages where he can learn more about Bible stories and the Christian faith. Will blog about that when the time comes.