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Environment-friendly Washables Part 1 (Cloth Diapers)

Being a first time mother makes one a great product tester! Almost all sorts of baby stuff went under my nose like they never did before. All including diapers.

During my little one’s first 3 months of life, he used disposable diapers. It was only after I won the raffle of Human Heart Nature that I came to try a different thing.

More about the raffle first. Human Heart Nature just released their new Nappy Cream when I was still pregnant. As I remember it  correctly, the first 100 buyers will be the winners of the Next9 Cloth Diapers, which is also included in their product line. Know more about it here.

Luckily I was included in the first 100 buyers and I was able to claim the set of three cloth diapers. The designs were: denim, apple green,  and red cars.

I tried it on my LO and he was so comfortable with it! The inner side of the shell is made of a very soft material that keeps away wetness from baby’s skin,  while the other side is made of a waterproof material to prevent leaks. Inside the shell is the super absorbent insert that holds certain amount of wetness.

I only used it on my baby during daytime. For his solid poops it’s not a big problem because the solids can be easily rinsed away with water before doing the real laundry job (with mild detergent). But later on I realized that it would be more convenient to let him wear disposables until he poops. That way I only have to throw away the soiled diaper, then change him with the cloth one so that the expected burden is just the wetness.

Since baby needs to change every 2-3 hours, I added a dozen more cloth diapers to my initial prize of three pieces. I ordered it online through the sellers in There are lots of cute designs to choose from and discounts are available if bought in bulk. For example: I got 5 cloth diapers costing Php 240 each for only Php 1,000 with free delivery.

It’s a costly initial expense,  but doing the math I already recovered the cost in two months if compared with 100% use of disposables. Imagine how much I saved now that baby has been using them for over a year! I also was easy on the environment through the reduced solid wastes generated from my home.

There is an extra effort, though on my part – the additional load of laundry. But that has become easy thanks to the washing machine.

Would I recommend this to other moms? Would I use it again on my next baby if ever?

Definitely YES!



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