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Ever Bilena Eye Brow Kit Review

For eyebrow enthusiasts like me I’m sure you’re going to love this new product from Ever Bilena! I was so glad that EB came up with their very own Eye Brow Kit as I saw it in the store last December. I finally bought one this January when my old eye brow powder no longer matched my new hair color.




For only Php 200 at Watsons, I became an owner of this awesome product. Why awesome? Let me count the ways.

1.     Packaging is so clean in white container.


2.     It has three shades of brown, which one could choose from according to preference. I love the lightest shade as I really bought it to match my chestnut-colored hair.

3.     It has its compartment for the wax. Oh how wax makes the magic to eyebrow powders!

4.     It comes with the eyebrow brush and the mini tweezers (which I have set aside, hence not included in the picture). Both brush and the mini tweezers are of good quality and they can both fit in the compartment designated for them!

5.     The mirror occupied the whole cover, making it user-friendly. You can see yourself well while using the product.


I’ve been using this daily for over three months and I haven’t even used up half of the lightest shade! The wax is running out, though, so I’m probably re-purchasing in a month or two.


To get that look, here are simple steps.

1.       Clear out stray strands of your brow by using the tweezers.

2.       Trim the long strands of the brow using brow comb and scissors such that almost all brow strands are about 0.5 cms long. This is very important in applying the product precisely later.

3.       Using the provided brush, apply wax all over the brow. The wax will serve as the base for the powder.

4.       Using the same brush, dab some powder and draw along the curved line on top of the brow, starting from the inner side all the way outwards.

5.       Dab some more powder and draw along the bottom of the brow, still starting from the inner side then outwards, until the line meets the end of the first curve.

6.       Fill in the space in the middle.



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