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Kids Church

Last Sunday we got our little one’s ID for his Sunday “classes” and it’s worth sharing more about it here.

In Victory Christian Fellowship, a series of adult services happen mostly during Sundays. You can find out more about this church and its schedules in their website.

Simultaneous with each of the services are classes in Kids Church for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and pre-teens. Kids are accommodated in separate rooms according to the age group which they belong. 

My LO and I have been attending since he was around 6 months old so for a few Sundays we were able to be part of the 0-1 year old group (for nursing moms and their babies). Before he turned one we were already joining the toddlers (1-2 years old) group.


The ID and the Claim Card

The ID will be worn by the child while at the Kids Church. Little kids are usually accompanied by either a parent or a guardian. For security, the claim card (the one on top of the ID) needs to be presented before the child can leave the Kids Church.

Having a Kids Church is an answered prayer for parents and children. Here are some of the benefits, as far as the babies, toddlers, and their parents are concerned (I’m writing for this age group since my LO is still a toddler as of this moment and thus my limited experience):

1. Baby can have his necessities in the most comfortable way possible (milk, nappy change, dancing sessions, sleep).

2. Crying babies can have the liberty to express themselves without disturbing the ongoing service.

3. Toddlers enjoy much as they play with toys and meet other toddlers. It’s kind of an early exposure to playrooms where they can meet their first friends.

4. Parent/Guardian can still listen to the ongoing service via the audio-video broadcasted to the rooms.

I hope to see my little one progress on through the next stages where he can learn more about Bible stories and the Christian faith. Will blog about that when the time comes.



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