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Lady Speed Stick Review

Finally I will write about a deodorant that works for me well.

The discovery story starts with my previous deodorant. It ran out after not working well so I was definitely trying another brand. Imagine how I survived all through the years with all those deo brands that I’ve tried. All sorts of forms – roll-on,  cream stick,  powder,  lotion,  spray,  organic,  hah!  And they all left me dissatisfied. It makes me wonder if is it just me or I’m not alone in this.

I mean yes there had been deos that would work well for the first couple of days of use,  maybe because they’re new and my body is liking them at first. But after that my armpit would reject them like there’s a foul-smelling battle that affects my clothes and all. I go on using the product for several more days,  giving them the chance to prove themselves,  but the matter just gets worse each day.

In terms of activity I am more of the sedentary type. I commute to the office and stay there the whole day. Then I go straight home if not for some errands on the way. But I usually smell starting as early as 10am!

How limited that makes of me in my movements and when I walk past somebody. 
I always wished for some product to do the magic but none ever stood the tough test. 

So there three days ago I found myself in the supermarket meditating on what brand to try next. 

Then I thought of trying this one that doesn’t appear in commercials. Neither do I hear it being used by anybody I know. 

The Lady Speed Stick. Stainguard. Daringly Fresh. 



Its overall look: its packaging is in a not-so-cheap purple plastic. It’s made in the USA by Colgate-Palmolive. It looks exciting. 

Its promises:
1.  Reduces underarm wetness : check! I can say that from my being 80% sweaty, it’s now 30%. 
2.  24 hour protection: super check!  I smell fresh until the next morning so I can really be daringly fresh! 
3.  Fights yellow stains and white residue: check,  although this is not so important to me since my priority is odor control. 

Its possible risks: the active ingredient is aluminum zirconium, which is widely talked about as having links to certain diseases like cancer and alzheimers, oh the internet is full about it although the direct link has not been well established yet. There are the risks and a lot of healthier options.

Anyway, for its function it’s really dependable. And for me I want to enjoy its benefits,  which I believe outweigh the possible risks,  and even recommend to those who need it like I do. 

But for those on whom healthier deodorants are effective,  congratulations. You may not try Lady Speed Stick, or any other chemically-loaded deodorant/antiperspirant, in your entire lifetime, thus avoid the exposure to the ingredients in question.

I hope it will continue working fine for me.

Update as of May 13, 2016: After two weeks of use, this deo never failed me! And by the way, it doesn’t darken underarms, too! I consumed about half of the product so I can say that it can last up to about a month. ☺



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