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Environment-friendly Washables Part 2 (Mama Pads)

After a year of being a cloth diaper user for my baby, I came across washable mama pads or washable sanitary napkins through an online seller on facebook,  Mum & Bubs Fashion Passion.

Photo from Mum & Bubs Fashion Passion Page.

Had I known about this long time ago, I could have started enjoying the benefits then. Anyway, it’s never too late as I still have decades of reproductive years.  🙂

Let me share its goodness and how it works.

1. The cute designs are in striking colors as shown in the picture. It makes me excited to wear the next after the other.

2. Its front layer is made of black or gray soft cloth that became my skin’s best friend the moment I wore it. I realized how uncomfortable are the disposable napkins that I wore for almost two decades! So I’m actually bidding them goodbye.
The front layer absorbs the liquid up to the thick middle portion. The material is designed to hold as much liquid as possible, and then give it up easily with just simple soaking in laundry soap and water. Even gentle detergents can do the job. I’m a washing machine person so I include it in the tub after a preliminary rinse. It’s way easier than I imagined.

3. The back layer (the colored part shown in the picture) is water-proof. It is the side facing the underwear and it is responsible in preventing the leak. I think this is one primary concern of ladies who are hesitant to try washable pads. But I’ve proven that with proper use and replacement, it does its job better than disposables do. During heavy flows, one can change every 2-3 hours, while on regular days it can last up to 5 hours on,  just like disposables! Of course we just have to bring our wet bag so nothing in our pouch gets involved accidentally!

Like the cloth diapers which I wrote about in Part 1, initial cost is high for the pads. I got mine for Php 850 for 7 pieces. That is the promo that the seller offered with free shipping. The good thing about it is that I don’t worry about buying my monthly supply of disposable pads, plus I get to change as many times as possible knowing that I won’t throw anything.

It’s really worth it. I just wish more women will make their move towards using washable pads.



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