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Environment-friendly Washables Part 3 (Pantiliners)

Shortly after I discovered washable mama pads, I came to know that there is something for those ordinary days when you don’t need the pads and use pantiliners instead. The seller is Print ur Stuff.

I think they make the pantiliners themselves and are actually lookig for re-sellers. The retail price is Php 60 per piece, and they offer discounts for bulk orders. You have to pay additional Php 165 for the delivery charge. I find the delivery charge expensive since they are sending it via LBC. Nevertheless, what’s more important is that their amazing products reached me. Thanks to their very prompt and very kind customer service.

Photo from Print ur Stuff
The actual pantiliner

Since the fabric used was cotton, there’s no question on its comfort and durability. However, at times I find it harder to remove some stains if compared with how easy it is to remove stains from the sanitary pads.

Anyway it’s so good to wear everyday. I am confident that I am being good to the environment,  I am not exposed to the disposables’ chemicals on a daily basis, and it’s just like wearing my underwear.



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