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The Cheaper Diapers

My baby is growing up so fast and his cloth diapers are now a little too small for his size and for his urine. I mean it soaks in just one pee! He has also become an active toddler so the conventional disposables would be out of their proper place in just a few twist, turns, and runs.

I needed to try training pants. The diapers which are to be worn like his first underwears. Like how we, adults, wear ours. They are sometimes called pull-up pants.

So off I searched on in the groceries and tried the well-known Huggies Pull-up Pants. I know this is a good brand, since my nephew has been using it until his toddlerhood. But for these reasons I didn’t stick to it:

1. Maybe the size I got was wrong that the fit was too tight, or it just didn’t get along well with baby’s skin: My baby had bottom rashes! End of Huggies story.

2. It’s price is not cheap and I wanted to search for alternative brands that can do the job at a lower price.

Good thing that I get to consider other brands and for this post I will introduce you to them:

1. Brand: SM Bonus Training Pants
Made in: not stated
Size: XL
Pack of: 5 diapers
Bought for: Php 56.75
That’s: Php 11.35 per piece
How is it:
It’s manufactured for the SM Bonus brand, hence making the impression that I can always and only find it in SM stores. It’s available only in this pack which is perfect for travels and days-out. But since I also prefer buying in bulk, I will just have to buy lots of packs.
It’s a decent diaper that does its primary job of collecting wetness and keeping it away from baby’s skin for a time. It fits just well but as time goes by, or as movements become many, everything seem to convene at the middle making it look like a G-string or “bahag”.
Will still keep it in my options should other brands run out.


2. Brand: Mamy Poko Pants
Made in Indonesia
Size: XL
Pack of: 16 diapers
Bought for: Php 169.75
That’s: Php 10.61 per piece
How is it: Among the three brands, Mamy Poko is the only one with a distinct and easily noticeable mark for which side is the front side. This is in the form of several blue lines at the waistband. This is a great plus. It’s also super soft and I think it absorbs more liquid than the others. The fit is also perfect! What more can I say, this will be my most preferred among the three!



3. Brand: Genius Grow Up Pants
Made in
Size: XL
Pack of: 20 diapers
Bought for: Php 206.75
That’s: Php 10.34 per piece
How is it: This brand is not so well-known yet having no commercial ads as far as I know. But it’s a good diaper that does its primary job, too. It covers baby’s bottom better than the SM Bonus does, and it fits so comfortable that there’s more room for everything! I think it’s slightly softer too.





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