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How I Got My Toddler to Drink More Water

We’re in the hot and humid metro and it’s a must to be kept hydrated. This is as well true for a growing and all-the-time-moving 18-month old.

We tried giving him water through sippy cups that come with the spout. He’s had three kinds of such drinking tool but he did not like them all after a few uses.

He later drank the way we did using the glass. At times he gets too excited that he makes the water reach his nose (an unsafe thing) and spills the water down to his chest (makes his shirt wet). We bear with it as long as he gets to drink water.

Then he gets to learn to use the straw in his tetra-packed juices and during our meals-out. He finds a drink interesting with a straw. I think he loves straw so much that he even takes it with him even after our meal-out.

There was this one time that we were looking along baby things and we found this one interesting.


It’s a Sesame Street Drinking Bottle for babies, toddlers, and kids – with a straw!

The moment he saw it, he held on to it and even tried on sipping! Oh at times you have to forego the neaty-tidy-germ-free attitute just so not to spoil the little one’s happiness.
I’m happy about the Sesame Street brand because I’ve had some of their good but affordable products and this is one of them. It just costs Php 119.75 in Robinsons Department Store Ortigas and it’s way cheaper than the other baby brands. It’s such a good buy and surprisingly, I just knew it when we were paying for it, it’s on sale and we got it for just Php 107.77.

The easy-to-grip bottle’s capacity is around 300mL, capped with this clever cover which looks so decent when unopened…


And just a twist will reveal the (drum roll) STRAW!


The straw is a soft rubberized material that bends and unbends towards its slot.


Its softness is super friendly to babies’ sensitive gums and tiny teeth. It became my child’s instant bestfiend!

We load it with water and cool it a bit in the refrigirator before giving it to our little one. He carries it around or places it in a spot where he comes back every now and then to take a sip.

The result: happy and hydrated baby!



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