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How Human Nature Became Part of My Household.

All my life I’ve been using cosmetics and household products that are loved because of their well-known brands or manufacturers, flashy advertisements, the amazing scents, and fabulous packaging.
Most of them worked really well, and I really don’t have anything against them that when my roommate five years ago gave me a sample of this certain organic shampoo that didn’t lather well and did not smell as great as but costs more than my usual shampoo back then, I dismissed the idea of embracing the natural way of cleaning my hair!

Until I was carrying my amazing son in my womb two years ago when I opened my mind a little bit more to going natural. Soon I realized how we are exposed to chemicals and preservatives on a daily basis and this made me consider and search for that shampoo that was introduced by my roommate.

It’s Human Nature, the first ever successful organic brand from the Philippines that boasts of products that contain no harmful chemicals in them and are proudly made with natural products from farms in the country. I like the advocacy of using natural ingredients, at the same time giving sustainable livelihood to local farmers. One can have an access to these products by purchasing from their stores or by ordering online, at more affordable prices than other well-known organic brands. To know more about this brand, its advocacies, the products which you can purchase, and if it is available in your area, visit their website.

I tried almost all their products starting with shampoos and conditioners up to their feminine washes. It’s a guilt-free session in the bathroom everytime I pour on the personal care products knowing that I am being lathered in nothing but natural goodness. It’s even okay to use so much often.

When my baby came I used nothing else on him but Human Nature Baby Wash, Baby Oil, and Nappy Cream. He did not have rashes or any skin disorder at all during his use of the products. And as he became more active and sweaty, he never smelled bad. He still smells like a baby! He now uses the Kids Shampoo. There was this one time that we slept over in another house. I forgot to bring his Human Nature Shampoo so I had no choice but use another brand Рa well-known brand. After a few hours he started to smell sweaty and unfresh. Probably because the artificial  fragrance of the shampoo that I used, when mixed with sweat, gets spoiled or nurtures bacteria.

One thing that I (and my husband)adjusted to is that the Human Nature products are not like the conventional products that we grew up with – sudsy detergents or strong-scented cosmetics with long-lasting fragrances. That’s because the chemicals used in our usual brands to make them have those appealing properties are not present in Human Nature.

At times there are products that just didn’t perform well for me, like the deodorants. Maybe because there are certain ingredients that didn’t match my skin.

There are also times when I switched back to the usual brands because of cost issues. Like how I decided to stop using the Human Nature liquid detergent because I’m spending almost four times more than when I use ordinary detergents. It is a good detergent by the way, but I just can’t afford it in the long run.

Still I want to be part of the Human Nature’s advocacy and to use products that not only brings only the good to us but makes the environment sustainable as well.

For my personal product reviews, stay tuned as I will write about each of them here in my blog.



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