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A Review: Human Nature (New and Improved) Day Moisturizer

Today I get to take hold of the new and improved day moisturizer from Human nature. As my old day moisturiser had run out, I ordered through the Human Nature website yesterday and, as expected, my order was delivered the next day. A big clap to their very reliable ordering and delivery system.

You can read more about why I love the Human Nature brand in my other post.

Back to the product being reviewed. Well this is the first time for me to try this improved formulation of the day moisturizer as it has been launched very recently. I’ve been using the original one for more than a year now and I am one satisfied user. It was phased off as this new one came about.


I chose the 50mL variant (it’s also available in 100mL bottle) since this product will go a long way that it would take months before it runs out. Being an all-natural product without artificial preservatives, I feel that it will not stand that long during the hot summer days. It’s better for me to consume this little amount first, avoiding any spoilage,  so I can get a fresh supply sooner.

On the label it says:
“It’s light and long lasting, 15 vitamins and minerals.”


At the back it says:

“Got moisture? Get more. Begin your day with skin nourished by the goodness of 15 essential vitamins and minerals in one lightweight, all-natural moisturizer. Glides silky-smooth beneath makeup with a delicate floral scent to perk up your morning beauty routine. So good, one pump gives long-lasting skin softness. 100% no harmful chemicals: No parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, silicone or other toxic substances. Goodness… It’s human nature. ”

I love the way that it glides on my skin with that mild rose scent. It’s not greasy, and is indeed lightweight, perfect for the humid weather.

It’s also like feeding my skin with the daily dose of vitamins and minerals, which are unforunately not listed in the label. But by looking at the ingredients, some oils/extracts came from the following:
Avocado seed
Rosehip fruit
Beet root
Aloe vera leaf
Sunflower seed.

With no harmful chemicals I’m daily moisturized underneath my makeup.

I shall return after a week with another post to tell you more about it and how it compares with the old and original moisturizer.



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