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Human Nature Natural Toothpaste

Oral care is something we do on a daily basis and when it comes to toothpastes we most probably stick to our grown-up-with or trusted brand.

I’ve been a user of well-known brands for so long that it was only when I discovered the all-natural products of Human Nature, and when they launched their oral care products, did I try and since then switched to this new brand.

I may sound like endorsing things for a financial gain but no, this is to remind you that I’m doing this for nothing but to share the goodness in Human Nature products.


1. The packaging.
The box looks so fresh in green and white, doesn’t it? This is the smaller of the two sizes (120g and 240g packs). I often buy the bigger one for home use, and the smaller one for office and outdoor use.


It comes in an open-cap tube and that makes it convenient to release the product and re-close it immediately without displacing the cap.


2. The Contents.
It’s triclosan-free, and is loaded with derived-from-nature ingredients like peppermint leaf essential oil. You may see the complete ingredients in this page and you’ll be amazed that a toothpaste can be this natural. It’s harm-free, I can confidently use it as often as I want and even allow my toddler to use it as his first toothpaste!

3. How is it as a toothpaste?
I love the pureness in its white paste form. The first time I used it I tasted the big difference from my previous brands at once!  I detected no sweetness and no weird tastes: just plain minty and clean taste. I like the way it lathers as I brush on and the feeling that you’re using nothing but the natural ingredients. Then finally it rinses easily and leaves the mouth feeling fresh. My teeth also look and feel polished. I also have fresher breath longer.

This toothpaste is really worth it. I hope Human Nature will continue producing this product because I fell in love with it since day one.



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