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My Child’s Growing Up Milks

When my little one turned one during the fourth quarter of last year, I had to buy a new milk brand especially for his age. He used to drink only Enfamil during his infancy up to one year old. Yeah he breastfed only for a week and that’s my frustration. As I’ve read somewhere, breast milk is best if you have breast milk.

In my tour at the supermarket stalls to pick a new brand, I got really confused and wasn’t able to make up my mind at once.

Part of my consideration is finding a brand that is cheaper than Enfa. The more important consideration is the nutrient content. I tell you I wasn’t confident enough until I took a picture of each of the several brands, and compare them at home.

Here’s what I came up with:


As you can see, the cheapest of them all is Nestle’s Bear Brand. The most expensive is Pediasure although for some reasons I wasn’t able to jot the exact price but it costs around Php 1000 per kg.

I initially limited my search to the three manufacturers – Wyeth, Mead Johnson, and Nestle – and considered two brands for each. Later on when my pediatrician recommended the Pediasure for my picky eater, I included it in the list. My little one tried it for a month but did not improve his appetite. So I resorted to selecting from my initial list, which the pediatrician approved of.

I found out that most of the nutrients are present in each of the milk brands, only varying in amount (in grams or miligrams, etc.). And, adding to my confusion, there are nutrients that appear only in one or few brands, and not in the rest of the brands; while the one or few brands do not contain those nutrients that the rest of the brands have. For that reason I knew I had to choose more than one brand. Upon contemplating, I decided to choose one from each manufacturer and here are the picked brands: Bonakid, Lactum, and Nido.

Now, the next concern is the mixture. How did I give it to my child? The proportions are same between Lactum and Nido, while it’s a bit different with Bonakid.

First option is to buy a box of one brand, follow the proportions until the child consumes the whole  box. This is most convenient for me, but inconvenient for my child because his stool is hard when he’s drinking Bonakid, while it is just fine when he’s drinking the other two. So I really had to do option two, which is, pair Bonakid to Nido, then to Lactum.

I did my calculations and came up with the following standard proportions:

1.       A scoop of Nido/Lactum is for 2 oz of water

2.       A scoop of Bonakid is for 1.5 of oz water

I use the scoop that came with Lactum or Bonakid, by the way. The scoop that came with Nido is half of that of Lactum/Bonakid.

So for example, for 7 oz water, I would need 2 scoops of Nido/Lactum and 2 scoops of Bonakid.

My child loves the mixtures so far and I am happy about it, too. I know that he gets the exclusive nutrients that he shouldn’t have gotten had I resorted to just one brand.



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