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Human Nature Kids Shampoo and Body Wash

As my little one moved on from babyhood into toddlerhood he also moved on from being a milk-scented to sweat-infused little one!

While the Human Nature Baby Wash performed really well for that one year of use, I just thought it appropriate to try something for bigger babies…  Human Nature Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash.

There are currently three variants to choose from and they are:

1. Tangerine Thunder (for boys)
This is the first one that I tried starting November Last year.


The scent is mild and fresh that I love it on my little one’s whole body. I love how it is good as a body wash and at the same time as a shampoo. I need just one product for the whole bathing session.

It lathers well and rinses easily – ideal for the little one who’s always on the move.

It leaves my toddler’s skin clean and feeling moisturized. It keeps away bad odors for the whole day too!


I bought the largest size (495 mL) and it lasted until around end of January when I got to buy the second variant.

2. Ocean Apple (for girls)
Yes this is for girls but I was curious on the difference I feel like I need to try it too.


This also smells mild and clean and performs as good as the first variant. Boys can actually use it too!


It lasted until end of April so I had to buy another one.

3. Tangerine Tarsier
This variant came just recently and I’m more than happy to try it as well.


It doesn’t indicate a particular gender, which I find good since all these kids products are so good they should be experienced by boys and girls alike.


There, my little one is using the third variant by now and we’re all enjoying the 100%-no-harmfull-chemicals goodness of it.

I just transfer the contents to a pumpable container so it wouldn’t be a hassle getting some product while keeping up with my toddler’s movements.

Bathe away!!!



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