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My First Ace Water Spa Experience

Our wedding anniversary falls  on a Wednesday this year and we decided to just go somewhere nice within the city so we can maximize that one-day leave from work.

We just wanted something relaxing for the body and for the budget as well. We love spas and swimming, so we chose Ace Water Spa.

I just had to confirm the operating hours  by calling their hotline the day before. I found their contact details and everything else in their website.

I will summarize the things that I love about Ace Water Spa in the following list:

  1. Location is accessible. We chose to go to the Quezon City branch, as there is the other branch in Pasig. It is within the well-known Banawe Street, so it’s easy to navigate to whether one is commuting or riding their own car.
  2. They are open from 6AM to 10PM. This made our day so flexible that we decided to be there first thing in the morning so we can still spend the rest of the day for other things like eating. At around 9 AM we arrived and registered with the receptionist, whom I found to be not so friendly and accommodating. For first-timers like us, we were expecting a little warmth and enthusiasm but for some reasons we didn’t get that. Maybe they were a little hesitant to let me in as I have a suspicious bandage on my thumb due to an accident the day before. But hey, the wound survived being soaked for four hours!
  3. The entrance fee for adults is Php 550 per head. I think that’s under a promotion. Anyway, for a  4-hour session that’s worth the money. One can get a good 1-hour whole body massage for around Php 500, and this we get four hours!
  4. There is a restaurant right beside the reception area. We were advised to have a snack before indulging to the 4-hour spa. As we already had our breakfast at home, we got hotdog sandwiches (Php 50 each), a Coke in can (Php 60), and we paid for a 10% service charge.
  5. Appropriate swimwear can be rented or bought. As they are strict in implementing their rules on what to wear (should be spandex), my husband’s boxer shorts was rejected and he was left with two options. The first is to buy the swimming trunks for Php 600 or rent one for Php 100. He rented. About my two-piece swimwear, well, it’s definitely acceptable!
  6. There’s a variety of choices, depending on what you prefer: soft, moderate, and hard treatments  from waterjet-powered seats or beds. There’s also a the warm scented pools that you can dip in, and the  sauna and steam rooms!
  7. Privacy is kept. Use of cameras or phones to take pictures is not allowed, thus, I do not have a photo of us inside. But I love the idea of staying there and being left alone with the memories being recorded only in my (and the others’) mind.
  8. It’s indeed relaxing! After our whole session, I was too relaxed that the next thing I wanted to do was eat some and fall asleep! Even upon waking up the next day was too light for me.

I’d recommend this spa to anyone who wants an easy relaxation. I’m actually planning to go back together with my parents, and of course my husband.



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