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The Best Halo-Halo

The hot summer days in the tropical Philippines makes the Halo-halo the ultimate favorite desert among Filipinos like me.

It’s a mixture of tropical fruits, crushed ice,  and milk, topped with either ube (halaya) or leche flan. I’m craving right now as I write.

I’ve tasted a lot of halo-halos in my lifetime and just this year I found the best halo-halo so far. I’m excited to share it with you, and if only you could visit my office canteen where it is sold, I’ll be happy to treat you with it! I’m serious.


It doesn’t look so fancy but the taste is heavenly!

A plastic cup is used so it is easy for taking with you to your meal table or back to your office cubicle. Then here are the ingredients which are placed into the cup by layer:

1. Sweetened sliced banana (saba): this sweet ingredient is made exciting with the hint of sourness as its natural property. It is also a meaty fruit which eases hunger. It’s also chewy!

2. Nata de coco: my favorite among all halo-halo ingredients! Who can beat the chewyness of this coconut-derived goodness? And each time you chew it, it gives off that sweet juice!

3. White gulaman: it’s a refreshing tasteless ingredient meant to neutralize all the sweetness in this desert.

4. Crushed ice: this is the essence of halo-halo. Need I say more?

5. Milk: now this is the secret ingredient of this halo-halo which makes it the Best halo-halo for me. It’s different from the usual evaporated-milk-plus-sugar combination. We couldn’t get the vendor to share with us how it is made so here’s a speculation: condensed milk was mixed with all purpose creamer making a “cremdensada”. But still there’s a secret ingredient I’m sure!

6. Leche flan topping: not all leche flans are made to wow me. But this particular topping is so smooth and so right!

After mixing all ingredients together in the plastic cup, oooh… How can I resist it? It’s been my everyday desert for several weeks now. By the way it costs Php 30. Way cheaper from the restaurant menu, but a little too costly to add to my daily meals. But hey, it’s just for this season I hope!

Gotta grab another one!!!



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