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How to Have Your House Renovated

We’re having our house renovation right now  after several months of wishing for and planning about it. The project includes a two-storey extension at the back to house the kitchen and dining at the ground floor, and a bedroom and balcony at the second floor. We’re really excited about it and we greatly wish for those pieces of drawings come to life as soon as possible!

At its third week, the project is now halfway on the concreting works. We’re counting around a month more or two before we can finally move back to our house.

Move back? Yes, because we moved out. And that’s what this post is mainly about.

Since construction work makes a lot of mess it was best to find a place to call our temporary home. It’s in the same subdivision, just two blocks away from our house. So this house number two is also our property and I’m thankful for that. But in case it wasn’t, we’d still be finding a place just nearby to stay in, for sanity’s sake!

Okay let’s focus on the title of this post. It wouldn’t be a technical step-by-step construction procedure, rather an account of how we are going through it.

1. Plan the Scope and Budget. This has to be decided upon by both husband and wife. It’s best to come up with the specific things to do, how we want the furnitures arranged, or where would be the new sink and all. I tell you there are a thousand details! Everything should be sketched to make sure that you’re on the same page with what your partner is imagining. And to mention the various options: should the window frame be steel or aluminum. Finally the budget within which we can spend for this, and how each can contribute to attain the amount soonest.

2. Find the Right Builder. In our case we contracted it out to my brother whose business is in line with the scope. It’s important that the details are well- communicated for the builder to come up with a decent estimate of how much the project will cost. This will also allow proper planning on their side. It’s good if the builder is of known good reputation in the vicinity because they’re the ones who will be talking with the subdivision guards, etc.

3. Pack Your Things and Move Out. For a couple with a toddler, there’s so much to bring! We were able to transfer all our necessities via three loads of Mitsubishi L300. Whoah. The harder part is packing up the remaining things such that they won’t be affected by the construction mess. For this I am so thankful that my husband did all the arranging and moving of things. He’s such an organized man! We used our bedroom to hold important belongings and appliances. Workers who aren’t supervised all the time are going to work in your house so better keep valuables safe, too. Best if you leave no cash and jewelleries behind.

4. Make Your House No. 2 Your Home. Of course the convenience might be reduced a bit. Adjustments must be made in order for everyone to enjoy this long staycation. And this is what we’re heavily at right now. We’re embracing the change and consider this house like our first one. It’s an amazing journey and we’re getting used to it!

5. Monitor the Renovation’s Progress.
It’s good that we’re just near our currently-being-renovated house that we can drop by every other afternoon to check on what’s up. We take it easy on the workers by leaving casual remarks and reminders on a few details. It helps for many times and it’s worth the effort. And I have to point this out: stick to the scope to avoid unnecessary confusions and stress. That’s why establishing the scope in step number one is so important – so you can hold on to it up to this point.

6. Repeat Step 4, But This Time Moving Back to the Renovated House.
I am so longing for this step that I can most likely write about it when it happens.



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