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My husband and I have been using an analog TV since we started building our home. You know that bulky TV set that is so heavy that we really managed to get it from his home in the province just to delay the expense of buying a new flat screen (modern) TV. We relied on the free channels that the common antenna can get. These include the clear GMA7 and  LightTV, and the blurry others such as ABSCBN, TV5, and all. We rarely watch during the weekdays and are too busy to be couch potatoes during the weekends, so sticking to GMA7 news and some shows got us by through the three years that passed.

It was when we moved to a temporary home that the signal got weak and even GMA7 got blurred that our rare television moments became stressful that we decided to consider buying the ABSCBN TVPlus.

I’m happy to have some Sodexo Gift Certificates left out of my Christmas Bonus in 2015 so I used that in purchasing the Magic Black Box, which came in a small package it even fits in my bag! It’s a one-time purchase amounting to Php 1,999. No monthly fees, no installation fee, just free channels for as long as this is working!

Upon installation, I did it easily by just following the instructions found in the manual. After activating the product through the ABSCBN sim card, I was able to view 12 channels.

How relieved were our eyes as we watched the shows in clear format!

What’s good about the TVPlus is that it can be used for analog as well as flat TVs.

And here’s more: I learned from my colleague that I can actually have more channels. Yes that’s true!

I just have to adjust the frequency from minimum of 444444 to maximum 999999, re-scan, and there I have 13 more channels.

Amazing isn’t it? I’m excited to browse all those 25 channels like I’m subscribed to a monthly cable plan.



I'm your simple working mom and wife. I blog about everyday things that I come across in this fantastic journey, and I do so for anyone who'd find them interesting, helpful, or entertaining in any way. I'd also want to meet people with the same (and even not so same) interests as mine. It's a short life in a small planet with lots of ups and downs, let's make the most out of it!

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