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Brigada Eskwela 2016

The company where I work participated in the Department of Education’s Brigada Eskwela 2016. This program is a cleaning-up and beautification activity done by third party organizations like private companies to help public schools prepare for the upcoming school year.

The material can be downloaded here.

It’s an activity for a cause that for a moment I’d just like to express my sadness over the government’s insufficency that our public schools still need voluntary works such as these in order to provide the education that the next generation needs. Had the system been that effective to convey the funds to sectors like education, we wouldn’t be needing to do this anymore.

Anyway, I gladly signed up myself for the activity since I’m really finding all the meaningful things that I can do with my office and non-office hours.

Second important reason is that we’re doing it in Bagumbong Elementary School, where I nearly live. I can leave home later than usual, and get back home earlier than usual.

So here’s the story: since I opted not to join the service vehicle that will leave our office at 7am, I planned my route. It’s a tricycle ride from our place, and some 1km walk based on the google map. I liked the idea of exploring that nearby area by foot. What surprised me was that somehow the google map was wrong and I needed to walk another kilometer. It was nice, though. I had my exercise that early morning plus I got to prove that people in the area are nice because they answered my questions well. They directed me to the school and 30 minutes from my home, I found myself at the Bagumbong Elementary School – Main.

Okay at that point it occured to me that there might be an annex, and that we could be conducting the Brigada at the Annex which means that I might have been lost. Where is the Annex?

True enough, the organizer called to inform me that they are already at the Annex and a service vehicle will pick me up from where I am.

Thank goodness I was finally able to reach the place with matching rainshowers that early in the morning (9am).

Our team of 17 personnel re-painted two classrooms and we finished the job at around 3pm.

From there I rode the tricycle to the main road, boarded a jeepney bound to Novaliches Bayan, then after some shopping, went home. I arrived home at 5pm.

It was a day of true labor, real sweat, worthwhile accomplishment. And to mention longer playtime with my little one at home.

So my escape from the office means a year-round nice classroom to incoming kindergartens. I wish for more activities like these.



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