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Mediterranean Lunch at Rojo

It’s the start of the lean season in an employee’s life. Lean because the performance and mid-year bonuses have been given during the previous months, and the next bonuses (which are the 13th, 14th and Christmas) will be given starting late part of October.

But me and my colleagues still found the chance to have a lunch-out today!

There will be less of these in the coming months so we really pushed it.

We rode via Grab to Maginhawa Street and landed in front of a restaurant which is unfortunately non-airconditioned. It’s the hot June mid-day and it would be so nice to eat comfortably in a cool, dry place. So we walked about 5 meters to find the air-conditioned and warm-ambianced Rojo Oven Baked Boneless Chicken!


It’s the first time for all five of us in this eating haven, so none of us had an idea of what any of the foods taste like.


Each of us ordered a SELFIE MEAL. That would have a quarter chicken (we can choose from the three flavors: asian BBQ, Mediterranean, and Carribean),  rice, and garlic sauce.

Surprisingly, we two girls ordered the Mediterranean flavor, while the boys ordered the Carribean.


That’s the Meditteranean-flavored chicken. I tell you it’s super tender and full of that flavor which is composed of many herbs and spices. The garlic sauce on the left-most part of the plate served as a perfect match to this unfamiliar pleasure. What’s so striking about this is that I couldn’t taste any saltiness at all, just pure chicken goodness with the assorted herbs. For just Php 129, was I so full and satisfied!

I’d recommend this to people who want a new dish, those who would want something new in their dates or group meals.



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