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Kamote Tops

Since we’re staying in another home for a month now, and as I stressed in Item No. 4 in my blog about our move, we’re making the most out of our stay here. 

There’s a little backyard and front yard and we’re maximizing the bare soil. You see the soil is what the stray cats used as their litter box for the longest time before we moved in. This gave out an unpleasant smell at first, but at the same time by now I can say that the feline activity has greatly contributed to the richness of the soil. The organic matter would be a good home for some vegetation!

In the front yard I planted ornamental plants-those that are nice to have to beautify the house. 

At the back I decided to plant vegetables and for a start I set aside the sweet potato (kamote) cuttings that I bought from the market for Php 8. After getting the “talbos” for our Sinigang dish, I planted the cuttings in two rows. After a week, here’s how they look:


They’re alive!!! Just look at those young sprouts reaching up to the sky. Soon they’d become heavy enough and would be bowing down low on the ground where they would propagate new roots. Hurray to an unlimited supply of talbos ng kamote!

Okay even though the soil where they are planted is not that garden-like as there are full of small debris, this awesome and nutritious plant is not that picky since it can grow in this environment! How we must learn from kamote!

I have plans of adding to my vegetable collection so I think we really have some work to do in preparing the soil. After all, not all plants can be that resilient.

I’m excited to share the next vegetables, and who knows there can be herbs and spices, too!



I'm your simple working mom and wife. I blog about everyday things that I come across in this fantastic journey, and I do so for anyone who'd find them interesting, helpful, or entertaining in any way. I'd also want to meet people with the same (and even not so same) interests as mine. It's a short life in a small planet with lots of ups and downs, let's make the most out of it!

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