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Gardasil, 1st Dose

Last week I received the first dose of vaccine for sexually-transmitted and related diseases.

I had doubts on getting this or not, since I’m past the recommended age range of up to 26 years, but took the company’s offer for just a little over Php2,500 per dose. It is ideally received even before becoming sexually active, and it might be a little late now that I already have my son. Does anybody did the similar decision that they took it anyway?


To tell you how was it: it was painful!  The vaccine is a pinching pain at the injection site, and is a heavy liquid flowing through the veins. I can still feel it up to ten minutes. The nurse advised me to apply warm compress should the injection site hardens, or take paracetamol should I have a fever. Luckily I did not experience any of the two anticipated said effects.

Will standby for the next two doses.



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