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The Street Preachers

I’ve seen some of their services in Rosario, Pasig, when I lived there six years ago. And in Novaliches Bayan I’ve been seeing one more than once a week for the past year. Their style is the same, and that makes me assume that both sets of people are from one religious group.

The style is this: a group of around 5 persons will assemble their paraphernalia in a busy thoroughfare, like a jeepney stop within a certain market. This usually include the simple amplifier/speaker, a musical instrument or two, a microphone, a Bible, and offering baskets. The spot where they assemble should be very busy, with swarms of people passing by from and to many directions with various intents (going to school, work, shopping, meeting-up, by-standing, going home, strolling).

The members of the group are dressed up like they are really going to church.

Worship songs will be sung by usually a female, and then the preacher (which can be a male and at times a female) will read passages from the Bible and deliver a sermon as if they are in a pulpit. They are generally good public speakers like this one here.


While the preaching is done, the others stand within a ten-meter radius from the preacher to collect offerings from the passers-by.

This goes on maybe for an hour or so, although I haven’t really intentionally watched their activity until the end.

At this point I do not know their exact denomination or sect, but I must admire their boldness. Being a Bible believer I can say that it is good that they base their preaching from the Bible, and preach in a way that the common or pre-occupied people can easily comprehend. For that part I guess we can say that they bring good.

But are they really legitimate preachers? Why the need to collect money from random people who aren’t even part of their church yet? I just don’t know how they really operate and is the intent really to preach the Bible or to earn a living?

Can somebody ever enlighten me on this?



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