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Crispy Langka Chips

In my almost 30 years of existence, today is the first time that I get to know and see and eat Langka Chips! Langka is the Tagalog term for jackfruit.

It’s the 3PM breaktime and my colleague began passing this new and rare goodness. It’s from Vietnam and I’m really glad that I encountered this.

I’ve always loved jackfruit among other fruits that grow in the tropics. It follows that I also love their chip forms, most famous of which is the banana chips. Never had I imagined that jackfruit can come in chips, too!


It retained its shape and size but lost its moisture, leaving a very crispy but super tasty snack! It’s like I can’t get enough. Unfortunately¬† it was just being passed around so I couldn’t get so much.

I’d be hunting for this in the grocery. I hope to find some!





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