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My First Driver’s License Renewal Part 1 (The Preliminary Waiting)

July 26, 2016, LTO Robinsons Place Novaliches

8:15 AM. Here I am sitting outside the mall after learning from the mall guard-on-duty that LTO opens at 10am. I read somewhere that this outlet opens at 9am so I came too early. But it’s okay as I come to think of writing a blog about my experience here as I wait. 

Like most of the almost hundred of people here waiting for the mall to open, I allotted this day and time to fulfil my obligation to renew my license which expired last July 3. Wait, my birthday is actually July 31 but there had been an error in the first issuance so I also have to rectify that, that’s why I brought with me my precious Birth Certificate. I also have been married three years ago and I already have my NSO Marriage Certificate with me. I’m going to change my maiden name such that my married name will appear on my new card! 

Since it’s around 1.5 hours before my transaction, I should find someplace to eat and somewhere safer to type using my smartphone. 

8:29 AM I’m still here seated outside the mall, contemplating if I can be at a better place or not. Since almost everyone around me is using their smartphone I might as well continue using mine. And besides, if I leave my spot and won’t find a new one I might be forced to endure the waiting time STANDING! 

8:58 AM I decided to walk towards the right side of the mall, and found Nova Stop. 

It’s a public transportation terminal with lots of food stalls, mostly serving carinderia- type meals for the bus drivers and crew.And to my delight, there are lots of dining space, too! 

There’s an ATM Center on one side. This place is so nice to have, I wish there’d be more places like these to cater passengers and people waiting for the mall to open. It’s not an air-conditioned area so I can feel the daylight heat right now as I just consumed two cheeseburgers that I bought from one of the stalls. This prompted me to buy a McDonalds Strawberry Sundae from another stall. 

9:23 AM It’s just a little over an hour before LTO opens! How time flies so fast that before I know it I am done renewing my license. Will post about it in Part two. Stay tuned… 

Update: I was able to reach the LTO kiosk inside the mall but the frontliner told me that since I have details to change (my birthday and surname),  I have to process my renewal at the main office at East Avenue. 

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8th Birthday Present

Today is my toddler’s playmate’s 8th birthday. We met her (let’s call her Vee) since we moved to our temporary home two months ago. She lives across our unit and since she came to know my son (who is nearly 6 years younger than her), she would come to our house at least once a day to spend time with him. 

She have become my son’s best friend. They would play games, watch TV shows, dance along the latest tunes, have snacks together, just hang out! My son would scream in glee once Vee is on the door, and he would pout his lips for a kiss with her as she would leave. 

A few weeks after meeting Vee, my son came to know other kids along our new/temporary street, but Vee remained to be his favorite. 

I’m amazed and inspired by their friendship. Indeed, Vee has invested a lot of time for my toddler, which resulted to their extraordinary bond. 

So for Vee’s special day, I bought a pair of leggings and a matching top which I wrapped up and let my son hand it to her. 

I hope that their friendship will go on throughout their growing up years. I am so happy for both of them. 

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Brad & Pit’s Ribshack

My tummy is so happy and full right now and I’ll tell you why: we ate ribs! 

Yes this is our second time to visit the Brad & Pit’s Ribshack located along Lilac Street, Bgry. SSS Marikina City. The first time was in January and we had a great time then. This time around we are with our on-the-job trainees and this is their first time in the place. 

It’s in an air-conditioned area of about 30 square meters. It can cater around thirty people. 

The place is made more interesting by the memorabilia & quotes theme. Numerous quotes are written on the black walls using colored chalks, while some old things like the old TV set and old wine bottles are mounted on other portions. The menu is chalked on the blackboard as well. 

Let’s go to the food. We ordered Rib Mountain Extra Large (XL) Original and Rib Mountain Large (L) Dry. We also got a total of 14 servings of rice for our group of 8 guys and 2 girls. All these amounted to Php 1520. 

The original Rib Mountain comes with thick and tasty sauce, with some corn chops beside it.  

It’s marinated because the meat is tender and tasty up to the bones. 

The dry Rib Mountain on the other hand, comes dry with that taste of herbs and mustard sauce. It is served with corn chops as well as a separate sauce that is identical with what they put on the original. 

I can say that I enjoyed every bit of it especially with the creamy coleslaw and hot sauce. The proof? Empty platters and clean bones! 

We will definitely go back! 

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Once Upon Those Rainy Nights

Sometimes we dread things that we will one day long for. We would wish for them to end, and when they do, we’d only look back to those memories that we can never bring back because things are not the same way anymore. 
When I was younger during my schooling years I would dread climbing up the hill to our house every single day.  For so many times I rode the tricycle from school to the foot of that hill with a heavy heart because I still need to hike while my classmates are already sitting pretty in their couches. Did I mention climbing the hill by foot even when it’s rainy and the clayish soil turns into mud that sticks on the soles of my black leather shoes and the mud becomes thicker as I go?

I remember those late afternoons or evenings when as I ride the tricycle the cold wind that came with rain would touch my cheeks. That longing to reach home the soonest made those commutes such awful hurdles.

Now those experiences are almost a decade ago, and I could not bring them back again. I never thought I would long for those moments now, now that our home on top of that hill is no longer ours. I think that’s the sad part. If only I can still spend a certain vacation just to re-live the scenes that I told you, then maybe it will be somewhat bittersweet.  Oh i can just imagine and my heart is now crying.

Maybe we should cherish the present no matter how it makes us feel. Endure the pain, cry out with laughter… now. No more wishful thinking that tomorrow could be brighter, because the future is another different story to cherish. The now will be gone too soon as it drifts to be part of our past. And we can just accept how things have changed forever.


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My Review Got Published

With my recent purchase of Human Heart Nature products, I also ordered two magalogues (brochure). It’s been several days that I have them on hand and just this evening as I flipped through the pages, this is so thrilling… I read an excerpt of my review on the Nappy Cream! 

I made the review over a year ago (long before I started blogging) on the Human Heart Nature Website in my delight over the products’s performance. That is true: he never had rashes while using the cream and I also use it as an alternative moisturiser when I run out of my regular moisturiser. It also soothes skin irritations like insect bites and that injection site for immunizations. 

I feel happy about small things like this. 

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5:00 O’clock Rush

It’s exactly ten minutes before 5:00 o’clock and my heart beats faster and faster wishing that the last ten minutes of this work day would end right now without that witch calling my name and initiating an unpleasant conversation (well all conversation with a witch is unpleasant). I’ve packed my things and my laptop is just waiting to be shut down at exactly 4:59. It’s just an hour or so and I will be cuddling my darlings at home once again on this rainy (I think it will still be rainy) evening. My heart is pumping, my blood is rushing. I am so excited and I can’t help but write here. If only I can drag the minute and second hand ofthe clock. Okay it’s now 4:53. Just seven more minutes oh my no more talking with her please don’t call my name I’m ready to step out and go home. Until tomorrow! 

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WordPress, The Place To Be

I’m at my desk again and I can make the most of my free time reading, writing, doing online transactions and everything personal during working hours. I wouldn’t want to talk about how boring this job has become. I’d rather look at the good things for now – things that I couldn’t do had I landed on a different job really.

One of those things is reading the many nice blogs here in WordPress. Clap clap clap to all the good writers out there whose posts have I read, liked, commented on, or even followed. You inspire me a lot by giving me a glimpse on what it’s like to be in your shoes and see through your perspectives and that we have different lives even though we are all under the same sky and sun.

Just being here inspires me a lot. Although I don’t get to meet anybody here (but that is always possible) it’s like having a different set of friends that do not belong to any of my Social Media circle of friends. I have a feeling that I’m more free to share and write here, not afraid if I would be judged and not minding what the reader might have in mind while reading about my posts.

So to everybody out there, just a note of thanks and appreciation for being part of this world.

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Laura’s Bread Sticks

A small portion of the memories of my childhood holds the slot for bread sticks. So the moment I saw this in our office canteen, it was like I came across an old friend! 

Bread sticks are mainly bread in the form of very hard sticks that it’s not so good for the dentures. Once you’ve taken a bite, just a few chews will melt it in your mouth and you’ll taste the yummy goodness! 

I shared this with my colleages. At first they were paying little attention, but when they realized how delicious it is, did they buy their own packs and even brought some home! 

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My HHN Regimen

I haven’t blogged for ten days and I feel that I have to make it up to myself and to my readers who happen to drop by my blog. I have a lot of stories to tell and I’ll start with my Human Heart Nature (HHN) Mineral Makeup!

It’s sad that my status as HHN Dealer just dropped to HHN Member for not being able to make purchases averaging to Php 800 per month for three months. So instead of the dealer discout of 25%, I just have 15% off as member.  So I was glad when my sister-in-law ordered a lot of insect repellents because I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and I can make it again to dealership. 

Together with that order I also bought some make-ups that  became part of my daily routine since last week. I wanted to get back to natural products when it comes to my face and Human Heart Nature just delivers the all-natural and no-harmful-chemical products at a reasonable price. Here’s my regimen with the products. 

Of course I start with having a moisturised face with the HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil and HHN Day Moisturiser

After letting the moisture sink into my skin, I apply the Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey

Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey

I chose the shade even though I have morena skin because HHN Mineral Makeups get a little darker as they oxidize. It covers my skin so well and gives me that made-up look without feeling like I’m wearing a mask. The reason? The perfectly natural and super light and fine powder that I so love, which comes with a super soft and super smooth sponge that sits perfectly on its slot in the pan. 

Since it takes me one hour to travel from home to work, I apply the HHN Mineral Pressed Powder once I’m at the office, and use it for touch-ups within the day as well. 

Human Heart Nature Mineral Pressed Powder in Orient Pearl

I love that HHN Mineral Makeups now have shiny black pans. Although I am also happy with the previous dark pink color, these treasures in black are just nice to have! For the pressed powder, having the same reason why I chose Honey for the foundation, I got the lightest Orient Pearl shade. I’m happy that the puff that comes with is is so smooth on my face that I love to use it so often! 

At this point of having two layers of makeup products on my skin I still feel so light as if having worn anything at all. 

Next thing that I use is the HHN Perfect Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow on my eyelids as well as on my brows! You won’t believe how versatile this product is. On my eyelids I followed the instructions that came with the product. And then for my brows, I damped the brush-end of the applicator with a drop of water and applied the cork shade. It did color my brows so well like I’m using an actual brow powder. Was I so delighted! 

Human Heart Nature Perfect Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow

Color stays true all day without re-touching. This pan is my new best friend.

For my cheeks, I use the Sun-kissed shade of the HHN Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. I love its light pigment that even if I overdo it a bit I won’t look over-colored at all. It’s so easy to blend and looks perfect for that innocent look. Although at times I wish the shimmer to be less, the color also stays all day so overall I love it. 

Human Heart Nature Perfect Glow Blush in Sun-kissed

The brush that comes with it, although it’s a bit tiny for a real blush brush, is made of a very soft natural hair. This is better than the previous brush that came with the blush. 

For my lips I put all my lipstick to rest and just use the HHN Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss. 

Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss

It can be any girl’s best friend because aside from pampering the lips with natural ingredients it also gives that natural hint of color. 

With those, I am done! 

Oh my did I just show you my made-up face? Haha. There’s my almost-no-make-up-and-perfect-for-everyday look. I need more practice on the eyelids, but did you see the almost-nothing blush? 

For more intense look I’ll have to put on more of the blush and maybe have an eyeliner as well! 

With this HHN Regimen I can be confidently pretty without the guilt of masking my skin with harmful chemicals.