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My Weekender Delight

Last night we were two emotionally and physically-drained married persons. Tonight we are about to sleep as a husband and wife who are mentally and romantically-charged. 

You got me right. Last night we found ourselves unable to discuss some things well. And then suddenly I became emotional that tears became difficult to contain within my eyelids. Sadness and frustrations began surfacing in our conversation over matters of our daily routine where we found each other caught up with. 

And then, as usual, my loving husband would want us to talk over it further, but found ourselves both drained really. We were just hugging each other when the magic words came from his mouth: “Would you want us to have a leave from work tomorrow?

As in spend the day alone together, disconnected with our responsibilities and concerns. I did not hesitate and we slept, looking forward to how we would spend this Friday.

Being married means we share a lot of things. Well, we share our lives and at the same time we are growing a new life (our son). We’re building our family. This means that we can also experience burn-out together mainly because of things that happen in our individual selves that do not contribute possitively to the marriage. And for us, our temporary stay in a different house seem to be the culprit. The adjustment put a lot of stress in each of us and we really just wish that our house renovation will be completed soon so we can go back to our real nest. 

I’m just glad, and would really recommend to other couples as well, that we took this chance to unwind alone together. Yes we have our weekend affairs, Sundays in church, and Fridates. But just for this particular season, we used our vacation leave just to spend the whole day spontaneously. 

We left the house at the usual time that we leave for work. That is really early so while waiting for the malls to open, part of the itinerary around the vicinity was to check into a hotel where we stayed for two hours (like crazy lovers stealing every chance we can get). After that we had our halo-halo, then headed to the mall to see the movie The Achy Breaky Heart. I found out that the movie is best for single ladies in their 30s or beyond, but made me feel thankful that my husband fought for me and married me that I no longer need this movie to lift me up. We shopped for books and our little one’s diapers (can’t really get away with responsibilities after all). I’ll tell you about the books in a separate post because right now I can excitedly say that I need them and will surely love to share what I’d read about.

We had great food in between.  We were able to reconnect with each other and from here we can prepare to face the coming days with bright faces, both feeling loved and renewed. 

How sweet it is to be married! 



I'm your simple working mom and wife. I blog about everyday things that I come across in this fantastic journey, and I do so for anyone who'd find them interesting, helpful, or entertaining in any way. I'd also want to meet people with the same (and even not so same) interests as mine. It's a short life in a small planet with lots of ups and downs, let's make the most out of it!

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