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Laura’s Bread Sticks

A small portion of the memories of my childhood holds the slot for bread sticks. So the moment I saw this in our office canteen, it was like I came across an old friend! 

Bread sticks are mainly bread in the form of very hard sticks that it’s not so good for the dentures. Once you’ve taken a bite, just a few chews will melt it in your mouth and you’ll taste the yummy goodness! 

I shared this with my colleages. At first they were paying little attention, but when they realized how delicious it is, did they buy their own packs and even brought some home! 



I'm your simple working mom and wife. I blog about everyday things that I come across in this fantastic journey, and I do so for anyone who'd find them interesting, helpful, or entertaining in any way. I'd also want to meet people with the same (and even not so same) interests as mine. It's a short life in a small planet with lots of ups and downs, let's make the most out of it!

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