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My First Driver’s License Renewal Part 1 (The Preliminary Waiting)

July 26, 2016, LTO Robinsons Place Novaliches

8:15 AM. Here I am sitting outside the mall after learning from the mall guard-on-duty that LTO opens at 10am. I read somewhere that this outlet opens at 9am so I came too early. But it’s okay as I come to think of writing a blog about my experience here as I wait. 

Like most of the almost hundred of people here waiting for the mall to open, I allotted this day and time to fulfil my obligation to renew my license which expired last July 3. Wait, my birthday is actually July 31 but there had been an error in the first issuance so I also have to rectify that, that’s why I brought with me my precious Birth Certificate. I also have been married three years ago and I already have my NSO Marriage Certificate with me. I’m going to change my maiden name such that my married name will appear on my new card! 

Since it’s around 1.5 hours before my transaction, I should find someplace to eat and somewhere safer to type using my smartphone. 

8:29 AM I’m still here seated outside the mall, contemplating if I can be at a better place or not. Since almost everyone around me is using their smartphone I might as well continue using mine. And besides, if I leave my spot and won’t find a new one I might be forced to endure the waiting time STANDING! 

8:58 AM I decided to walk towards the right side of the mall, and found Nova Stop. 

It’s a public transportation terminal with lots of food stalls, mostly serving carinderia- type meals for the bus drivers and crew.And to my delight, there are lots of dining space, too! 

There’s an ATM Center on one side. This place is so nice to have, I wish there’d be more places like these to cater passengers and people waiting for the mall to open. It’s not an air-conditioned area so I can feel the daylight heat right now as I just consumed two cheeseburgers that I bought from one of the stalls. This prompted me to buy a McDonalds Strawberry Sundae from another stall. 

9:23 AM It’s just a little over an hour before LTO opens! How time flies so fast that before I know it I am done renewing my license. Will post about it in Part two. Stay tuned… 

Update: I was able to reach the LTO kiosk inside the mall but the frontliner told me that since I have details to change (my birthday and surname),  I have to process my renewal at the main office at East Avenue. 



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