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PS Bank Cars for Sale

We’re searching for our next car!

Although buying a brand new one is a great option as we can avail of the interest-free privilege in the office, we still consider the second-hand option to be debt-free sooner.

This is exciting and I’m going to share with you my own experience searching at PS Bank. Thanks to my husband for exploring it first, then I had my own trip to the warehouse!

It’s best to download or view the current list of cars for sale by visiting their website and clicking on the “Cars for Sale List”. You can also find other details in this website.

When I got the list, I highlighted all that passed my “filters” or criteria. Toyota and Mitsubishi, less than 20,000 kms, 2013 and up, automatic transmission. I came up with a list of about ten cars before going to the warehouse located at:

220 Mañalac Ave. Bagong Tanyag, East

Service Road, Taguig City


It was a fair Friday morning of travel from Quezon City and because of heavy traffic along the service road, I arrived at 11:00 AM.


Upon arrival the guard on duty made me log in. I was informed that I should get a number and while waiting I can look at the cars. So after getting my number I went to see the items in my list, and crossed-out some items as I went. Why did I cross them out? Because they did not seem acceptable. For me, replaced tires, scratches and dents, and unpleasant smell are some reasons that would make me not fall in love with that unit. Good thing that my list was trimmed down because I will only be given three keys to open and start up. Unfortunately, test-driving is not allowed.


When my number was called, my list was cut into around five cars, and was trimmed all the more when the agent informed me that some of those cars have troubles either in the documentation or in the vehicle itself.


I was captivated by one car but unfortunately it has already been sold out.


It was a frustrating ending because I haven’t chosen our next car, but anyway the experience is worth it.


I left the warehouse at around 2PM.


Hope to tell the story of how we got our next car once we get it!



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