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Tagaytay Love

​Some time in November 2016 we had our first “long drive” to the south to attend a friend’s wedding. Three hours of driving is long compared with our daily 1-hour travel to work.

It was not my first time in Tagaytay, but my only recent visit there was during our educational tour back in my 4th year high school. That was a blurred memory, plus we got there via the bus so I might as well consider this one as my first time going there by myself, with my husband of course.

Travel to Tagaytay

We left Caloocan, Metro Manila  at 7 o’clock on that Saturday morning. There was a bit rain as we left. We traversed Mindanao Avenue, then Congressional Avenue, on to the long C-5 until we stopped over at Petron McKinley for some refreshments.

After that we exited C-5 on to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). It was a thrilling ride since it’s the very first time that my husband will drive on an expressway. Thank God for the protection.

Here’s our route, by the way. I prepared this with the help of google maps.

We took the Santa Rosa Exit, and traversed the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Traffic was mild and bearable, although it went a little heavy upon approaching the intersection going to Tagaytay-Calamba Road.

Check-in at Hotel Dominique
We reached Hotel Dominique, where I booked an overnight stay, at around 10:30 AM. I chose this place because it’s one of the reasonable and not so pricey hotels that is midway between the church and reception venue. 

Check-in time was supposedly 2PM, but we were able to enter our room by 1PM as it is ready by then. We tasted the Restaurant’s pancit canton and red velvet cake while waiting.

Pancit canton was delicious and fresh, with just the right amount of salt (so little). I can say that the ingredients are freshly cooked, love it! The red velvet is just right, though I didn’t like it that much.

The room was nice and altogether reasonable except for minor things like the smokey smell and no heater in the shower. That is overpowered by the balcony, presence of vault for important things, and the spacious parking lot that can accommodate all guests’ cars.

The Wedding Ceremony

At 2:00 o’clock we were on our way to the wedding ceremony. By this time the wind is getting colder each minute, with some fine showers from time to time. Traffic was bearable on the way, but parking at the Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish Church was already full, we had to park by the road side. 

We witnessed the lovely ceremony and at around 5:30PM we were ready to head to the reception.

The Wedding Reception

We drove westward along the Tagaytay-Calamba Road to reach the Bali Village Hotel Resort and Spa. By then it was getting dark and so cold it’s as if we’re in Baguio City!

Parking area at the venue is good so we were able to park easily. The place is lovely too! We were there for the whole reception until 9PM.

Our Stay at Dominique Hotel

We slept soundly in our room and in the morning we were able to buy sweet delicacies just across the street before we packed our things and drove back home. Although there are swimming pools in the vicinity we didn’t take a dip because it’s really cold.

We weren’t able to visit the Taal Lake or the famous Sky Ranch during our stay because we needed to leave as soon as possible, but next time we’ll make it a point to visit those places.



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