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ELF Eyebrow Kit

As I ran out of my Ever Bilena Eyebrow Kit, I had to contemplate whether to buy the same product (because it really did well in giving me gorgeous brows all the time) or find another (because the 2 pans for the darker shades are left unused while the wax is all gone). Okay I hope Ever Bilena will just make a palette of 2 pots: 1 pot for the colored powder and another for the wax.

So off I went to SM North department store at the make-up counters and searched for eyebrow kit that contains just what I need.

I came across the e.l.f. stand and their eyebrow kit caught my attention. After having a trial application and accepting its price of Php250, I purchased this new buddy.

They have three variants but the only available is the “Light”.

After three months, here it is:

You see there are two pots within the palette. The one on the left is the colored eyebrow wax, which you put directly on your brows using the left side end of the applicator. It’s actually good to use alone and you’ll get the colored brow like you just used Ever Bilena Brow kit. The second pot contains the powder which you dust over the eyebrow wax to give you a matte finish. You use the other end of the applicator for that. The result?

Nice one! And it comes with its own little mirror so you can conveniently do your brows anywhere! It also occupies very minimal space in my makeup pouch because of very reasonable packaging.

The only thing I don’t love is the scent. Maybe because the product is a little old upon purchasing?

Will I repurchase? Of course.



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