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Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheets

We know how oil-blotting films play an important role before re-touching makeup as I experienced and shared in one of my posts.

But it’s essential to distinguish oil-blotting films from sheets.

Here’s my encounter with oil-blotting / control sheets:

I don’t want to rant much about bad products so I am going to do this just once in a blue moon I promise.

I thought I would make a lot of savings as this product costs about 50% less than the Clean & Clear oil-blotting film.

So I went to buy this Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheets from Watsons.

So there are the details of the product.

The sheets. They look and feel like Japanese papers. Stiff, would crumple and make a sound when touched and used.

When used? They do so little in absorbing the oil and shine that I feel I’m just pressing the oil back into my skin. I used several sheets already but I’m not satisfied.

With that I’m going to buy my good old Clean&Clear. What will I do with the 90+ sheets of Silk Secrets? Any suggestion?



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