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Cold Spot

It was a quick visit along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City during lunch break and I had to grab something to eat. Just a few meters before turning right to Claret is a little ice cream house called Cold Spot.

The shop is just 4×5 meters, with a few more tables outside.

Basically they offer ice creams, with some other products coming soon as they are on soft opening.

I ordered Banana Split (soft serve) that costs Php110. It’s a sweet treat!

I love it! I hope to try their other offerings next time.

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Brad & Pit’s Ribshack

My tummy is so happy and full right now and I’ll tell you why: we ate ribs! 

Yes this is our second time to visit the Brad & Pit’s Ribshack located along Lilac Street, Bgry. SSS Marikina City. The first time was in January and we had a great time then. This time around we are with our on-the-job trainees and this is their first time in the place. 

It’s in an air-conditioned area of about 30 square meters. It can cater around thirty people. 

The place is made more interesting by the memorabilia & quotes theme. Numerous quotes are written on the black walls using colored chalks, while some old things like the old TV set and old wine bottles are mounted on other portions. The menu is chalked on the blackboard as well. 

Let’s go to the food. We ordered Rib Mountain Extra Large (XL) Original and Rib Mountain Large (L) Dry. We also got a total of 14 servings of rice for our group of 8 guys and 2 girls. All these amounted to Php 1520. 

The original Rib Mountain comes with thick and tasty sauce, with some corn chops beside it.  

It’s marinated because the meat is tender and tasty up to the bones. 

The dry Rib Mountain on the other hand, comes dry with that taste of herbs and mustard sauce. It is served with corn chops as well as a separate sauce that is identical with what they put on the original. 

I can say that I enjoyed every bit of it especially with the creamy coleslaw and hot sauce. The proof? Empty platters and clean bones! 

We will definitely go back! 

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Laura’s Bread Sticks

A small portion of the memories of my childhood holds the slot for bread sticks. So the moment I saw this in our office canteen, it was like I came across an old friend! 

Bread sticks are mainly bread in the form of very hard sticks that it’s not so good for the dentures. Once you’ve taken a bite, just a few chews will melt it in your mouth and you’ll taste the yummy goodness! 

I shared this with my colleages. At first they were paying little attention, but when they realized how delicious it is, did they buy their own packs and even brought some home! 

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Chades Lunch

Today we have our task carried out in the City of Manila area and lunchtime called for a tummy and pocket-friendly meal. 

We found this Chades Tapsilog Restaurant in a very average setting along Remigio Street near corner Felix Huertas.

How you’ll see the restaurant along the street.

We arrived at around 11:30am and there were already a lot of customers. We were able to park along the street with the help of some men who assisted us. 

We were lucky to be seated right away since the customers seem to be just starting to come by. We were immediately given free soup and kalamansi for the condiments. They offer silog meals. Silog stands for sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg). This duo comes with a meat dish of your choice. 

The available meals are posted on the Bilaos

I ordered tapsilog (tapa is marinated beef) and it’s so yummy and tender. 

Their yummy Tapsilog

The size of the fried rice is just right for a small cup that my male companions needed an extra serving each. I also find the rice a little bit dry and hard, but overall the meal is good for the amazing cheap price! 

Here’s what my colleagues ordered (lechonsilog and bangusilog):

Lechon-kawali with sinangag and itlog.
Fried bangus and silog. 

For just Php 356, five tummies were filled up to carry out the afternoon tasks. Will definitely drop by again when in the area!

Our meal amounts to this. Affordable, right?

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We Found Dory!

It’s undoubtedly the rainy season and with it comes this transportation woe that people who dwell in Metro Manila face… TRAFFIC!


The rains add to the already burdensome travel.

For a year I had the benefit of carpooling with someone who works in the same compound as the company I work for. I get picked up at Shell Station at the same time each day and I will be dropped off at the office entrance. In the same way at exactly 5pm I ride the van to be dropped off at Novaliches Bayan at almost the same time everyday. From there it’s just a tricycle ride to our house.

There are several other carpoolers, and their daily routine had been going on like this for nearly thirty years, back to the time when the Fairview-Commonwealth roads were still uncemented. I hear their experiences from time to time and I’m just amazed at how they’ve stuck together all those years, through all that happened in each other’s lives.

And as the saying goes, every good thing must come to an end, the owner of the van is retiring from her 30 years of working as a government employee.

We knew this would come. We’re even lucky to have her spend the remaining months of her 65th year when she could retire the moment she turned 65. Next month she’ll be 66, and this is it.

Just this afternoon as we rode home we stopped by Dory’s Restaurant to treat her with an early dinner as our tribute to her.


I can’t help but become a little sentimental. Of course there would be other means of transportation after carpooling with her. It’s just that I wish I had been with them for a longer time, especially as they reminisce their get-togethers and all.


I’m just so blessed to have joined them and this July 15th, we are invited to the retiree’s birthday celebration at their residence. And I’m definitelly gonna look forward to that!

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Crispy Langka Chips

In my almost 30 years of existence, today is the first time that I get to know and see and eat Langka Chips! Langka is the Tagalog term for jackfruit.

It’s the 3PM breaktime and my colleague began passing this new and rare goodness. It’s from Vietnam and I’m really glad that I encountered this.

I’ve always loved jackfruit among other fruits that grow in the tropics. It follows that I also love their chip forms, most famous of which is the banana chips. Never had I imagined that jackfruit can come in chips, too!


It retained its shape and size but lost its moisture, leaving a very crispy but super tasty snack! It’s like I can’t get enough. Unfortunately¬† it was just being passed around so I couldn’t get so much.

I’d be hunting for this in the grocery. I hope to find some!



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Morning Sickness Busters

There are mornings when I feel sick like I’m on my first trimester of pregnancy. I feel slightly dizzy when actually all I need is to burp and let my stomach settle from the ride to the office.

Now is one of those mornings. My morning travel is extended for 30 minutes due to an unusual traffic along Commonwealth Avenue, Fairview area.

Since I really needed to burp, I should put something into my stomach so I grabbed these ones from the office canteen:


Mogu Mogu Lychee flavor. This is my favorite drink in times like these. The sweet and tangy taste is just right to give me that energy boost and the burp after a few minutes. I love the Nata de Coco too!

And the Shing-a-Ling, well I just got it to neutralize the sweetness with its bland-to-salty taste. It’s also best for sharing with whoever sees it on my table right now.

Have a great day!

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Free Dairy Queen Upsize for Fathers Day

I received this text from GLOBE today saying that I can enjoy a free upsize from a regular to medium cup of Dairy Queen Ice Cream starting today until June 19.


This gets me excited because just last Sunday our toddler was enjoying a cup of Dairy Queen Blizzard Strawberry Banana. He was also feeding my husband with the delightful treat. We really had a great time as a family in consuming that cup.

With the text message from GLOBE I am greatly looking forward to another Dairy Queen Family Time this coming Sunday! Thank you, GLOBE!

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Mediterranean Lunch at Rojo

It’s the start of the lean season in an employee’s life. Lean because the performance and mid-year bonuses have been given during the previous months, and the next bonuses (which are the 13th, 14th and Christmas) will be given starting late part of October.

But me and my colleagues still found the chance to have a lunch-out today!

There will be less of these in the coming months so we really pushed it.

We rode via Grab to Maginhawa Street and landed in front of a restaurant which is unfortunately non-airconditioned. It’s the hot June mid-day and it would be so nice to eat comfortably in a cool, dry place. So we walked about 5 meters to find the air-conditioned and warm-ambianced Rojo Oven Baked Boneless Chicken!


It’s the first time for all five of us in this eating haven, so none of us had an idea of what any of the foods taste like.


Each of us ordered a SELFIE MEAL. That would have a quarter chicken (we can choose from the three flavors: asian BBQ, Mediterranean, and Carribean),  rice, and garlic sauce.

Surprisingly, we two girls ordered the Mediterranean flavor, while the boys ordered the Carribean.


That’s the Meditteranean-flavored chicken. I tell you it’s super tender and full of that flavor which is composed of many herbs and spices. The garlic sauce on the left-most part of the plate served as a perfect match to this unfamiliar pleasure. What’s so striking about this is that I couldn’t taste any saltiness at all, just pure chicken goodness with the assorted herbs. For just Php 129, was I so full and satisfied!

I’d recommend this to people who want a new dish, those who would want something new in their dates or group meals.

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My Fifty-Peso Breakfast

Upon arriving at the office after an hour of commute, my stomach was crying as though I didn’t eat at home before leaving. Well our home breakfast turned out bad somehow so I was not able to eat much.

So I nudged my husband and we headed straight to the office canteen, which I seldom visit since I had my own kitchen. I was an avid customer when I was still single and was living as a bed-spacer where there is no chance to cook your own food so the only option was to eat out. Back then, our office canteen offers the most reasonable cooked meals and snacks. And it still does!



1. Omelet (P25): The egg in this omelet has a great value added to it in the form of tomatoes and onions. An egg averagely costs P5, so it’s a nice move to integrate additional ingredients for it to finally cost P25. What I like about it is that it is not salty, as most Filipino dishes are. It’s just a plain and simple goodness.

2. Champorado (P15): This is the half serving and I loove champorado! It’s made from glutinous rice and choco tablea, topped with evaporated milk. I always order the half portion of a serving to save on cost and just to satisfy my sweet craving. A whole order costs P25.

3. Avocado Juice (P10): It’s the wonder fruit’s season once again, and this is my first time to eat/drink avocado for this year. The nutritious fruit was blended with some milk and sugar to come up with this delightful drink.

There, my tummy is now happy, and I’m ready to seize the day!

Can you tell me about your breakfast?