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After All, It’s Labor Day

It’s the end of another weekend in the fast-paced life of a family woman that is me. If only I am stronger, and if not for the exhausting high temperature coupled with high humidity, I could give and enjoy more of each priceless and gone-forever moments that pass by.

And here I am, too tired to do another task at the end of a long yet fulfilled day, but it’s too early to fall asleep and get some rest.

Still I’m thankful for the grace that God is giving me each day that i get to do the things that I have to do. He is the one who gives us the time that we spend here on earth and it’s my daily goal to make the most of all my days for His glory and purpose, which I believe, primarily for this particular season in my life,  is to raise this family that He has entrusted me and my husband to have.

As I kiss my babes goodnight I’m looking forward to this time again tomorrow when I can have this daily bit of reward that I can take with me and get me by for the next day.

Signing off: tired but thankful me. 

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Moonlight Feels

Tonight I’ll write to the moon
To tell you,  “Go home soon.”
I can’t ride the night alone
Give me reason through the phone.

Missing you in our place of love
Anything else I can have
Love will grow, love will wait
Until the dawn that I’m awake.

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Sore Throat

Kay aga aga ngunit madaling mapagod.
Hapong-hapo at sa lalamanuna’y humahagod.
Simoy ng hangi’y walang puwang sa tag-araw.
Pawis  ay nariyan, o kay babaw!

Diwa’y waring ayaw bumitaw
Sa tulugan lalo na kung walang ilaw.
Maghapong humilata yan ay masaya.
Makaramdam ng sapat na pahinga.

Narito kung saan dapat nandoon
Kumikilos ngunit saan ba paroroon.
Nalilito, natutuliro, nasaan ang isip mo?

Sari-saring pagkain ang nais lamunin
Makukuntento rin sa malamig na inumin.
Maging sapat kaya, o kailangan pa ng iba
Ng katawan kong kailangan ng medisina.

Inaantok, tinatamlay.
Yan ay kailangan nang ihimlay.
Nawa’y lumisan na
Ang sakit kong taglay!