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New Job, First Day

It has always been a dream, and is now a reality.

How God moves and orchestrates all the events leading to his purpose. All I needed was to keep still and wait, for no one knew then how long will it be.

Six years in that job with my boss ended yesterday, and today I find myself in this new workplace at last!

The setbacks and lows may have hit hard in the past, but they all worked together in bringing me to where I should really be. Had I been stubborn and had my way anyway, I don’t know where I would be right now.

Yet here I am, thanks God for sustaining me and my husband as we awaited for His perfect timing.

It’s never going to be easy, as this new job posts greater challenges for me. But that’s not what’s important. It’s God’s leading and provision every step of the way.

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My 100th Blog Post

This is going to be my 100th blog post here at WordPress. Hurrah!

How does this feel?

Okay, first of all I’m teary-eyed because of happiness because at the start I never thought I would reach this milestone.

I started blogging for two reasons: expressing myself and eventually earning from it. The first one is still the same, and I’d like to share things to those who find these helpful. The second one, well it kind of vanished as I wouldn’t want to pressure myself to write for the earnings. I want to write because I want to.

Credits to my husband for being ever so supportive of everything that I want to do. Without him I would have a hard time pushing for the small things that make me happy.

Of course for my son who serves as the biggest inspiration in bringing all new experiences in my life.

To my readers, no matter how few they may be at this point. You’re the reason why this will keep on going.

Here’s to the next 100!

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Holiday Laughters

The lights have been dimmed and it’s ultimately bedtime. I can hear the ticking clock and the buzz of the airconditioning unit. But greater than the silence of the night, your laughter rings cheerfully in my head. 

This is indeed a great long weekend with you. And on this particular day I get to hear a lot of your giggles and strong happy words. And even though your voice keeps on resounding as I try to sleep, I still haven’t gotten enough of it. 

I love you dearly my little child. Your laughter is gold, your smiles are gems, and your hugs and kisses are my treasures. You are God’s wonderful gift. 

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Where Do Christians Stand

In these days when an average of 35 persons are killed per day because of drugs… 

Either extrajudicially or because they attempted to fight the authorities

Or it might be their drug lords who are afraid of being traced who put them down. 

Where do we Christians stand? 

In these days of terminal-stage transport woes in the capital city of the country… 

When you need over 2 hours to travel a 15-km distance during rush hours. 

And all other means of getting to work is desperately inconvenient. 

Where do we Christians stand? 

In these days when the rich remain to be rich, and the oppressed are oppressed all the more…

That the treatment of society is based on one’s stature, and not how God sees mankind. 

When cries remain to be silent tears in the midnight, and by daylight smiles conceal the hurt. 

Where do we Christians stand? 

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Habagat Break

Today is a break from the habagat season of heavy rains and whirlwinds. After more than a week of day-to-night downpours over the metropolitan and some parts of the rest of the Philippines, Mr. Sunshine finally showed up with his windy blow that sweeps so low over the city’s structures with its surviving vegetation and people.  

As I watch the bending trees and agitated leaves of the greenery outside, with that beam of sunlight on their surfaces, I am taken back to a place and time of my distant past.

Same windy days and sunny afternoons such as this when I arrive at my grandmother’s home in Pangasinan for my elementary and highschool vacations. It’s after a five-hour exhausting bus ride from our home, and then a 30-minute tricycle ride towards the inmost part of the barrio where I grew up as a toddler. During that ride and upon reaching the house the swinging greenery greets me as my grandmother would warmly let me in and offer me her freshly-cooked palitaw or my favorite tambu-tambong.

Ah, the days gone by!!! It’s amazing how in the midst of my busy life there is a time warp through which I can go back to those easy days of my youth.

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Dear Son… 

It will be several years before you read this. When you’re in grade-school perhaps, or when you’re all grown up with a family of your own. I just want to write this letter so you would know how your father and I are enjoying each moment with you.


From the moment you wake up with that ready smile on your face, or with a loud wail because I am not by your side, or with that mischievous yell telling us that you’re gonna rock the house in no time.


We love your pull at any of our hands to prompt us to get you upstairs for some playtime or milktime; or towards the kitchen to open the refrigerator for some sweet treats.


We love how you insist having your own toothbrush with a smear of toothpaste whenever you see us brushing our own teeth. And did you know how great you were as you learned brushing your teeth by just imitating your father. You’re just 22 months old but you have developed the habit willingly and cooperatively!


We love the decibels as you shout at the top of your lungs when you stomp your feet or when you run around our lovely house. It’s out of your happiness or out of your running from your fresh diapers. Did I mention how you scream in the shower as the water droplets begin drenching your body during bathtime.


We love your little hands that pick up the utensils and get your share of food from our plate. How we want to fill your tummy with all the good things. You also pick up the food by your hand, leaving no mess behind.


We love that you organize many things around the house by piling them up into a line, or putting them above each other. You also know that after playtime all toys go into those drawers.


We love how you love your slippers because they are your keys towards the fresh air outside. You can run and play in our yard and along the streets with your friends. You’ve got a lot of friends in the neighborhood. We’re amazed how congenial you are!


We love the TV shows and commercials that turn on that dancing and singing buttons in you. Indeed we can never be happier just watching you enjoy even those things.


We love how you laugh at silly things that we do – from making your stuffed toys alive, to putting on dipper-like objects on your big head as if they were caps, to slapping each others’ butts.


We love your first words although most of the time it’s only you who understands. We know that there will come a time when we can fully understand each other, but right now we try our best to understand you by heart.


We love your delight in our escapades. You’re that child who’s easily transported, how you made it easy for us to travel from our house to anywhere. And for the record, you never pooped inside the mall or church or anywhere where it’s so difficult to clean you up. But we even love watching you poop! You have the most handsome face no matter what you do!


We love the bravery as you discovered that water is not your enemy. How you want to walk in the swimming pool and you never wanted to leave the slide.


And until the moment when you get fussy and wouldn’t know how to fight the sleepyness anymore, we love the little child that you are! Until that last nudge of the day, or that last dance as  we carry you into a little dance, or that last hug to seal the night of hums and lullabies… We love those sleepy little eyes that slowly shut into your handsome white face. And those red lips that rest into a small silent opening. And then you’re asleep… Until those moments of our waking hours we enjoy watching you.


We love you so much, son! We thank God so much for giving you to us. You are our home.

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8th Birthday Present

Today is my toddler’s playmate’s 8th birthday. We met her (let’s call her Vee) since we moved to our temporary home two months ago. She lives across our unit and since she came to know my son (who is nearly 6 years younger than her), she would come to our house at least once a day to spend time with him. 

She have become my son’s best friend. They would play games, watch TV shows, dance along the latest tunes, have snacks together, just hang out! My son would scream in glee once Vee is on the door, and he would pout his lips for a kiss with her as she would leave. 

A few weeks after meeting Vee, my son came to know other kids along our new/temporary street, but Vee remained to be his favorite. 

I’m amazed and inspired by their friendship. Indeed, Vee has invested a lot of time for my toddler, which resulted to their extraordinary bond. 

So for Vee’s special day, I bought a pair of leggings and a matching top which I wrapped up and let my son hand it to her. 

I hope that their friendship will go on throughout their growing up years. I am so happy for both of them. 

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Once Upon Those Rainy Nights

Sometimes we dread things that we will one day long for. We would wish for them to end, and when they do, we’d only look back to those memories that we can never bring back because things are not the same way anymore. 
When I was younger during my schooling years I would dread climbing up the hill to our house every single day.  For so many times I rode the tricycle from school to the foot of that hill with a heavy heart because I still need to hike while my classmates are already sitting pretty in their couches. Did I mention climbing the hill by foot even when it’s rainy and the clayish soil turns into mud that sticks on the soles of my black leather shoes and the mud becomes thicker as I go?

I remember those late afternoons or evenings when as I ride the tricycle the cold wind that came with rain would touch my cheeks. That longing to reach home the soonest made those commutes such awful hurdles.

Now those experiences are almost a decade ago, and I could not bring them back again. I never thought I would long for those moments now, now that our home on top of that hill is no longer ours. I think that’s the sad part. If only I can still spend a certain vacation just to re-live the scenes that I told you, then maybe it will be somewhat bittersweet.  Oh i can just imagine and my heart is now crying.

Maybe we should cherish the present no matter how it makes us feel. Endure the pain, cry out with laughter… now. No more wishful thinking that tomorrow could be brighter, because the future is another different story to cherish. The now will be gone too soon as it drifts to be part of our past. And we can just accept how things have changed forever.


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5:00 O’clock Rush

It’s exactly ten minutes before 5:00 o’clock and my heart beats faster and faster wishing that the last ten minutes of this work day would end right now without that witch calling my name and initiating an unpleasant conversation (well all conversation with a witch is unpleasant). I’ve packed my things and my laptop is just waiting to be shut down at exactly 4:59. It’s just an hour or so and I will be cuddling my darlings at home once again on this rainy (I think it will still be rainy) evening. My heart is pumping, my blood is rushing. I am so excited and I can’t help but write here. If only I can drag the minute and second hand ofthe clock. Okay it’s now 4:53. Just seven more minutes oh my no more talking with her please don’t call my name I’m ready to step out and go home. Until tomorrow! 

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WordPress, The Place To Be

I’m at my desk again and I can make the most of my free time reading, writing, doing online transactions and everything personal during working hours. I wouldn’t want to talk about how boring this job has become. I’d rather look at the good things for now – things that I couldn’t do had I landed on a different job really.

One of those things is reading the many nice blogs here in WordPress. Clap clap clap to all the good writers out there whose posts have I read, liked, commented on, or even followed. You inspire me a lot by giving me a glimpse on what it’s like to be in your shoes and see through your perspectives and that we have different lives even though we are all under the same sky and sun.

Just being here inspires me a lot. Although I don’t get to meet anybody here (but that is always possible) it’s like having a different set of friends that do not belong to any of my Social Media circle of friends. I have a feeling that I’m more free to share and write here, not afraid if I would be judged and not minding what the reader might have in mind while reading about my posts.

So to everybody out there, just a note of thanks and appreciation for being part of this world.