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Every song has something to remind us of. In this blog I will start writing about what a certain song reminds me of.

I’ll start with the song HONESTLY, which I just heard playing as I was taking my morning bath.

Tell me honestly, if you’re still loving me…

The first time I heard this song was during the first Acquaintance Party that I attended back in college.

I was a freshman engineering student, wearing a sleeveless top and slacks (those were the days when I wasn’t wearing dresses at all YET).

It was a lovely evening as I anticipated what would an acquaintance party look like. All engineering students and teaching staff were there in the auditorium. And having had my first dance with a guy whom I later named in my phonebook as “F&LD” (First and Last Dance) because he also asked me to dance during the last song, there was this intermission number by two senior students.
It was an acoustic rendition of this song. I didn’t have the chance to get to know those guys but their performance and the song itself captivated me that listening to the song wherever I am even until now brings me back to that performance almost 15 years ago. Oh my is that too long ago?

Here’s the complete lyrics:

I stand before you, accused of many crimes
But I want to believe that love can still survive
You don’t have to say it, I don’t have to read your mind
To know the emptiness that’s finally arrived
How was I, to know the right from wrong
Words were hardly spoken, so where did I go wrong?
Tell me honestly, if you’re still loving me
Looking into my eyes, honestly
Words have more meaning, if they’re said at certain times
I need you now so I can feel alive
How would you know it, you wont give me sometime
To see if everything could work out, and you’d be mine
Oh, will love be lost forever or someday I may find
The words that I’ve been searching for
Are just some peace of mind…
Tell me honestly, if you’re still loving me
Looking into my eyes, honestly…
All the night I sit and wonder
Must be more to laugh, I’m sure that
Days and years gone by while I am
Living with the…
Oh, lonely feeling