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Crazy Over Rosemary

Ever since I became an adult I’ve been aware that I have a seemingly receding hairline. And after a pregnancy and a series of hair treatments through the years, I now have thinner hair plus more hair strands on the shower drain. Now that I’ve just turned 30, sporting bangs to hide my forehead doesn’t seem to be a sustainable solution. That’s why I decided to have a try on nature’s promising solution: the Rosemary oil of course from Human Heart Nature.

It is 100% natural and comes in a cute bottle with oil dropper. With the promise of boosting my mind and mane, this oil has its distinct scent that I love to be with at the lowest points of my day. I put oil at my fingertips and gently massage it over my scalp, and then at times I also massage it on the tips of my dry hair.

It is lightweight and gives my hair a healthy glow. I hope to reap its major benefit of growing my hair thicker. 

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Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheets

We know how oil-blotting films play an important role before re-touching makeup as I experienced and shared in one of my posts.

But it’s essential to distinguish oil-blotting films from sheets.

Here’s my encounter with oil-blotting / control sheets:

I don’t want to rant much about bad products so I am going to do this just once in a blue moon I promise.

I thought I would make a lot of savings as this product costs about 50% less than the Clean & Clear oil-blotting film.

So I went to buy this Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheets from Watsons.

So there are the details of the product.

The sheets. They look and feel like Japanese papers. Stiff, would crumple and make a sound when touched and used.

When used? They do so little in absorbing the oil and shine that I feel I’m just pressing the oil back into my skin. I used several sheets already but I’m not satisfied.

With that I’m going to buy my good old Clean&Clear. What will I do with the 90+ sheets of Silk Secrets? Any suggestion?

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ELF Eyebrow Kit

As I ran out of my Ever Bilena Eyebrow Kit, I had to contemplate whether to buy the same product (because it really did well in giving me gorgeous brows all the time) or find another (because the 2 pans for the darker shades are left unused while the wax is all gone). Okay I hope Ever Bilena will just make a palette of 2 pots: 1 pot for the colored powder and another for the wax.

So off I went to SM North department store at the make-up counters and searched for eyebrow kit that contains just what I need.

I came across the e.l.f. stand and their eyebrow kit caught my attention. After having a trial application and accepting its price of Php250, I purchased this new buddy.

They have three variants but the only available is the “Light”.

After three months, here it is:

You see there are two pots within the palette. The one on the left is the colored eyebrow wax, which you put directly on your brows using the left side end of the applicator. It’s actually good to use alone and you’ll get the colored brow like you just used Ever Bilena Brow kit. The second pot contains the powder which you dust over the eyebrow wax to give you a matte finish. You use the other end of the applicator for that. The result?

Nice one! And it comes with its own little mirror so you can conveniently do your brows anywhere! It also occupies very minimal space in my makeup pouch because of very reasonable packaging.

The only thing I don’t love is the scent. Maybe because the product is a little old upon purchasing?

Will I repurchase? Of course.

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Human Heart Nature Deodorant Stick

Several months after proving that the Human Heart Nature deodorant roll-ons do not work for me, I gave this All Natural Deodorant Stick a try. I bought it online together with my other Human Heart Nature staples.


Its tea tree oil scent is very prominent upon opening the product (which is good and promising), but I find it a little too hard to be glided easily on the skin. I noticed that my skin turned a little red due to the difficulty in applying. Maybe the formulation can be softened a bit for better spreadability. My technique to improve its spreadability is to make a streak using my fingernails backwards. That way the product’s surface is already vulnerable to give away the product to my skin upon contact.

Guess what I’m on the 2nd week of using it today and I still smell powder fresh!!! Considering I commute to the office, I’m so happy with this.

I think it also worked well especially because I let my underarm dry well first before applying. As in no hint of moisture before applying this. Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong when using the earlier deodorants: applying to a damp armpit.

I hope to use this product for life because of its benefits and I would now essentially give up my Lady Speed Stick. I hope this won’t fail me in the future!

Update as of August 2017: it was within the month of May when this product lost its effectiveness on me. I started smelling terribly again due to my excessive sweating. In June I started using Driclor, which tamed my sweat glands and consequently the odor.

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Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Sometimes we ladies miss a very important step before re-touching our make-up. So before you apply that pressed powder using the puff or brush, read on.

Our skin naturally produces oils that contribute to shine and the wearing off of some amount of makeup. Two to three hours with makeup on, somehow the oil begins to build up and alter what used to be a made-up look. When we immediately re-touch with additional powder, the powder mixes with the oil and produces a thick and sometimes cakey layer. Often this is also the reason why the oil-powder mixture builds up on our powder puffs or on top of the pressed powder on the pan.


The missing step? Blotting the oil first before re-touching! Not with the handkerchief or tissue, but with oil-blotting films.


I use the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film which comes in a very handy pack.

It has that fresh citrus scent which is a little too strong for me but promises a refreshing feel. In an instant the oil is gone, and my skin immediately looks matte and fresh. It’s also silky to the touch. What’s more: I only need to apply so little powder, if at all. There are days when I didn’t need to re-touch because the foundation is still there, unlike when I wipe the oil with tissue or hankie.

There I actually bought another pack so it’s ready when my current one runs out.

Look at that oil that should have been on my face until sun-down! 

Happy oil-free face!

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Over ten years ago, when I was in my late teens and wrinkles were so unknown to my young skin, I first learned about moisturising creams and started using them. I tried out a lot of brands before I came to know Human Heart Nature products to which I became loyal to since three years ago when I was 27 years old. 

I had my pregnancy and all those late night mothering seasons through the course of using just Human Heart Nature products on my face. And now that I’m 30 years old I noticed that my skin had gotten even drier and those fine lines are beginning to multiply and they’re beginning to say hello to the whole wide world. 

It got me thinking: could Human Heart Nature be really enough for my dry skin? 

After several days of comparing the anti-aging and moisturising brands, I decided to try the famous Olay Total Effects Day Cream. 

Good thing that 8gram packs are now being sold in drugstores. It’s so convenient to carry along and it wouldn’t hurt a lot if after trial one wishes not to continue using it. By the way I got this at Mercury Drug at Php159. 

I can describe the smell of the product as clean, mild, and professional. Why professional? It gives me the feeling that this is real, unlike the other trying hard creams that are masked with too much fragrance. 

During daytime I apply it before anything else – that means before my sunscreen and foundation. Before bed I use it to top my Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil Luxe. 

It’s been almost a week and I can say that the tightness in my face has been reduced a bit. I also notice the rough spots being softened now. 

I hope this really works form me. Will give updates when possible. 

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My Review Got Published

With my recent purchase of Human Heart Nature products, I also ordered two magalogues (brochure). It’s been several days that I have them on hand and just this evening as I flipped through the pages, this is so thrilling… I read an excerpt of my review on the Nappy Cream! 

I made the review over a year ago (long before I started blogging) on the Human Heart Nature Website in my delight over the products’s performance. That is true: he never had rashes while using the cream and I also use it as an alternative moisturiser when I run out of my regular moisturiser. It also soothes skin irritations like insect bites and that injection site for immunizations. 

I feel happy about small things like this. 

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Laura’s Bread Sticks

A small portion of the memories of my childhood holds the slot for bread sticks. So the moment I saw this in our office canteen, it was like I came across an old friend! 

Bread sticks are mainly bread in the form of very hard sticks that it’s not so good for the dentures. Once you’ve taken a bite, just a few chews will melt it in your mouth and you’ll taste the yummy goodness! 

I shared this with my colleages. At first they were paying little attention, but when they realized how delicious it is, did they buy their own packs and even brought some home! 

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My HHN Regimen

I haven’t blogged for ten days and I feel that I have to make it up to myself and to my readers who happen to drop by my blog. I have a lot of stories to tell and I’ll start with my Human Heart Nature (HHN) Mineral Makeup!

It’s sad that my status as HHN Dealer just dropped to HHN Member for not being able to make purchases averaging to Php 800 per month for three months. So instead of the dealer discout of 25%, I just have 15% off as member.  So I was glad when my sister-in-law ordered a lot of insect repellents because I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and I can make it again to dealership. 

Together with that order I also bought some make-ups that  became part of my daily routine since last week. I wanted to get back to natural products when it comes to my face and Human Heart Nature just delivers the all-natural and no-harmful-chemical products at a reasonable price. Here’s my regimen with the products. 

Of course I start with having a moisturised face with the HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil and HHN Day Moisturiser

After letting the moisture sink into my skin, I apply the Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey

Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey

I chose the shade even though I have morena skin because HHN Mineral Makeups get a little darker as they oxidize. It covers my skin so well and gives me that made-up look without feeling like I’m wearing a mask. The reason? The perfectly natural and super light and fine powder that I so love, which comes with a super soft and super smooth sponge that sits perfectly on its slot in the pan. 

Since it takes me one hour to travel from home to work, I apply the HHN Mineral Pressed Powder once I’m at the office, and use it for touch-ups within the day as well. 

Human Heart Nature Mineral Pressed Powder in Orient Pearl

I love that HHN Mineral Makeups now have shiny black pans. Although I am also happy with the previous dark pink color, these treasures in black are just nice to have! For the pressed powder, having the same reason why I chose Honey for the foundation, I got the lightest Orient Pearl shade. I’m happy that the puff that comes with is is so smooth on my face that I love to use it so often! 

At this point of having two layers of makeup products on my skin I still feel so light as if having worn anything at all. 

Next thing that I use is the HHN Perfect Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow on my eyelids as well as on my brows! You won’t believe how versatile this product is. On my eyelids I followed the instructions that came with the product. And then for my brows, I damped the brush-end of the applicator with a drop of water and applied the cork shade. It did color my brows so well like I’m using an actual brow powder. Was I so delighted! 

Human Heart Nature Perfect Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow

Color stays true all day without re-touching. This pan is my new best friend.

For my cheeks, I use the Sun-kissed shade of the HHN Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. I love its light pigment that even if I overdo it a bit I won’t look over-colored at all. It’s so easy to blend and looks perfect for that innocent look. Although at times I wish the shimmer to be less, the color also stays all day so overall I love it. 

Human Heart Nature Perfect Glow Blush in Sun-kissed

The brush that comes with it, although it’s a bit tiny for a real blush brush, is made of a very soft natural hair. This is better than the previous brush that came with the blush. 

For my lips I put all my lipstick to rest and just use the HHN Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss. 

Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss

It can be any girl’s best friend because aside from pampering the lips with natural ingredients it also gives that natural hint of color. 

With those, I am done! 

Oh my did I just show you my made-up face? Haha. There’s my almost-no-make-up-and-perfect-for-everyday look. I need more practice on the eyelids, but did you see the almost-nothing blush? 

For more intense look I’ll have to put on more of the blush and maybe have an eyeliner as well! 

With this HHN Regimen I can be confidently pretty without the guilt of masking my skin with harmful chemicals. 

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HHN Saloncare Natural Shampoo

I had my short hair rebonded and colored with chestnut shade in January and had been enjoying it since then. Until recently I had run out of my Human Heart Nature (HHN) shampoo and at the same time had to consume the free shampoos from different places (you know those complementary cosmetics that we get when we stay in hotels and resorts). They had occupied much room in our cabinet and it’s such a waste if we won’t use them so after my husband put them in one container, I opted to participate in consuming them before buying another
HHN shampoo.

Sad to say, entrusting my hair to those chemically-loaded shampoos once again brought bad results to my growing mane.


I suddenly had these frizzes and waves that had been tamed for the past several months. My hair also felt dry. There’s also a lot of hair strands in the bathroom drain everytime I take a bath, which means I have falling hair! I can say that the hot weather and the fading spell of the rebond treatment may have contributed to this hair status, but the main culprit is the shampoo.

Upon realizing this I decided to stick to HHN like the first time that I did,  and ordered the shampoo online right away!



Since I had my rebond treatment I’ve been using the HHN Saloncare Natural Shampoo because it’s especially formulated to care for treated hair.

For just 3 days of using it again the falling hair had been reduced and the dryness is gone. There is also less frizz and fluffiness so my hair now looks and feels healthy.

Let’s not switch brands. Keep the natural choice. I love HHN products all the more!

To know more about HHN products you can visit their website.