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Cross Stitchin’ Fruit Basket

I started this project over two years ago while waiting for my due date of delivery. I was able to do the basket part and the fruits in the basket, and then i gave birth and nothing was the same again. So this project was kept sitting somewhere in our storage room until I pulled it out recently and made some progress (below the basket).

In this post I will keep track of the progress.

I don’t intend to rush this, but instead to continuously give time for this while relaxing.

August 22, 2017 Update:

Life as usual becomes busy and all and if ever you come back to the things you love to do then you’re lucky! This is how my masterpiece-in-progress looks like now:

Have you noticed, much have been added below the two orange slices. I dwelt much on that although it’s more of a background. Moving forward I’ll focus working more on the fruits.

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Spices in the Yard

It all started with that sprout on my ginger as we returned from almost a week’s Christmas vacation away from home. I thought it was good to put it in some soil and give it a chance at life, rather than cook it right away.

I have lots of distilled water containers which I converted to flower pots. The soil is unrefined, and is just a mixture of our front yard soil, some stones and a few rubbish. No extra preparation was done really. I decided to plant some garlic and an onion in the other pots.

Just this weekend I got the chance to take their pictures…

That’s the lone onion. It’s so pretty!

And here are the garlic sprouts:

I’m so glad that they sprouted even with little attention. They give me inspiration that one day it is possible for me not to buy these spices anymore.

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Human Heart Nature Deodorant Stick

Several months after proving that the Human Heart Nature deodorant roll-ons do not work for me, I gave this All Natural Deodorant Stick a try. I bought it online together with my other Human Heart Nature staples.


Its tea tree oil scent is very prominent upon opening the product (which is good and promising), but I find it a little too hard to be glided easily on the skin. I noticed that my skin turned a little red due to the difficulty in applying. Maybe the formulation can be softened a bit for better spreadability. My technique to improve its spreadability is to make a streak using my fingernails backwards. That way the product’s surface is already vulnerable to give away the product to my skin upon contact.

Guess what I’m on the 2nd week of using it today and I still smell powder fresh!!! Considering I commute to the office, I’m so happy with this.

I think it also worked well especially because I let my underarm dry well first before applying. As in no hint of moisture before applying this. Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong when using the earlier deodorants: applying to a damp armpit.

I hope to use this product for life because of its benefits and I would now essentially give up my Lady Speed Stick. I hope this won’t fail me in the future!

Update as of August 2017: it was within the month of May when this product lost its effectiveness on me. I started smelling terribly again due to my excessive sweating. In June I started using Driclor, which tamed my sweat glands and consequently the odor.

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My 100th Blog Post

This is going to be my 100th blog post here at WordPress. Hurrah!

How does this feel?

Okay, first of all I’m teary-eyed because of happiness because at the start I never thought I would reach this milestone.

I started blogging for two reasons: expressing myself and eventually earning from it. The first one is still the same, and I’d like to share things to those who find these helpful. The second one, well it kind of vanished as I wouldn’t want to pressure myself to write for the earnings. I want to write because I want to.

Credits to my husband for being ever so supportive of everything that I want to do. Without him I would have a hard time pushing for the small things that make me happy.

Of course for my son who serves as the biggest inspiration in bringing all new experiences in my life.

To my readers, no matter how few they may be at this point. You’re the reason why this will keep on going.

Here’s to the next 100!

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Our 2nd UTI Experience

Day 1.

It was the dawn of Sunday when the thermometer read 39.5 degrees Celsius for my 2-year old son. This is after giving him paracetamol 6 hours ago for a sudden fever at 10PM of Saturday. The fever was accompanied by his constant whimpering. This cannot be left un-treated.

My husband, who pre-packed some things to bring with us in case we go to the emergency room, immediately started the car and then in a breeze we were on our way to the nearest hospital, the Divine Heart Medical Service and Development Cooperative (DIHMESCO) General Hospital.

It is a hospital located in Novaliches Bayan, and although it is not accredited by my son’s health card (Asianlife), we opted to go there as it is just around 10 minutes from our house. It is here where he was also confined last September to cure his Pneumonia.

There, 5:30 AM we were parked in the lone parking slot in front of the hospital and was welcomed by the staff. We gave our son’s name so the receiving nurse can look up his medical records, and then after getting his weight and temperature we were guided to give urine and blood for testing. CBC costs P360, Urinalysis for P105, and a service fee of P180 were our initial expense paid to the cashier before the test.

My son was cooperative in giving his urine sample on the container. He was also calm when his ring finger was pricked for the blood sample.

In less than 30 minutes the results were out and we were seen by the resident physician. The urinalysis showed that pus cells in the urine were too many to count (TMTC) meaning there is a serious infection in the urinary tract and we need to have the patient admitted for treatment and to prevent dehydration (and convulsions perhaps).

Next thing we knew our son was ready for intravenous antibiotics with dextrose. He also underwent skin test while in the emergency room. All the while he was crying.

Unlike our previous hospitalizations, it’s amazing that this time with the implementation of the new ruling in admitting emergency patients, no deposit was collected from us upon admission. Before we paid P3000 before we were accommodated.

We chose the best room that is available which costs P1,600 per day. It has two beds, a comfort room, television set, air-conditioner and refrigerator.

My son started receiving antibiotics that very morning and for the whole day, which he has been having his fever still, we gave him paracetamol to manage the temperature.

The doctor came to see him some time in the afternoon and ordered an ultrasound and urine culture, which was done in the evening.

Days 2 and 3.

During these days I secured my Philhealth Certificate of Remittance and CF1 Form from the Human Resources of the company where I work. They will be needed for Philhealth benefit claims upon our bill-out from the hospital later on. I submitted them, together with a copy of my son’s birth certificate, to the Philhealth coordinator of the hospital.

My son improved a lot with the fever gone. He’d like to move a lot, if not for his IV. So I entertained him with his Fish-Alphabet Puzzle and alternating it with some Play-Doh Videos on youtube. Antibiotics – IV was continuously given to him every 6 hours.

The doctor made his rounds every afternoon and on Day 3 he ordered for a repeat urinalysis, which came out fine. We were advised to wait for the result of the urine culture however, which was expected to arrive in the morning of Day 4, so we stayed for another night.

Day 4.

At this day I was already dying to go home but had to relax myself to keep my sanity. My son’s so active and happy that by the time he heard the doctor saying we can go home now he started jumping and thumping and moving around. Thank God that aside from my son’s nanny, my mother came over to save the day.

Result of urine culture hasn’t arrived yet so it will just be discussed during our follow-up check-up this coming Saturday. Prescription for oral antibiotics was given and later discussed by the nurse.

We received the bill mounting to P18,000, less Philhealth amounting to P10,000. We had to cash out P8,000, which I paid and hopefully can reimburse with Asianlife. Thank God for these benefits that we get from the government and from the company that we work in. After payment, the clearance issued by the cashier was given to the nurse station, triggering them to finally remove the IV. What a relief! My son was even more happy by that time.

I secured the billing statement, medical certificate which states the diagnosis as acute pyelonephritis, and the prescription for oral administration.

We were home by 6pm of Day 4. Home sweet home. Thank God for this journey that we had to face as a family.


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Tagaytay Love

​Some time in November 2016 we had our first “long drive” to the south to attend a friend’s wedding. Three hours of driving is long compared with our daily 1-hour travel to work.

It was not my first time in Tagaytay, but my only recent visit there was during our educational tour back in my 4th year high school. That was a blurred memory, plus we got there via the bus so I might as well consider this one as my first time going there by myself, with my husband of course.

Travel to Tagaytay

We left Caloocan, Metro Manila  at 7 o’clock on that Saturday morning. There was a bit rain as we left. We traversed Mindanao Avenue, then Congressional Avenue, on to the long C-5 until we stopped over at Petron McKinley for some refreshments.

After that we exited C-5 on to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). It was a thrilling ride since it’s the very first time that my husband will drive on an expressway. Thank God for the protection.

Here’s our route, by the way. I prepared this with the help of google maps.

We took the Santa Rosa Exit, and traversed the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Traffic was mild and bearable, although it went a little heavy upon approaching the intersection going to Tagaytay-Calamba Road.

Check-in at Hotel Dominique
We reached Hotel Dominique, where I booked an overnight stay, at around 10:30 AM. I chose this place because it’s one of the reasonable and not so pricey hotels that is midway between the church and reception venue. 

Check-in time was supposedly 2PM, but we were able to enter our room by 1PM as it is ready by then. We tasted the Restaurant’s pancit canton and red velvet cake while waiting.

Pancit canton was delicious and fresh, with just the right amount of salt (so little). I can say that the ingredients are freshly cooked, love it! The red velvet is just right, though I didn’t like it that much.

The room was nice and altogether reasonable except for minor things like the smokey smell and no heater in the shower. That is overpowered by the balcony, presence of vault for important things, and the spacious parking lot that can accommodate all guests’ cars.

The Wedding Ceremony

At 2:00 o’clock we were on our way to the wedding ceremony. By this time the wind is getting colder each minute, with some fine showers from time to time. Traffic was bearable on the way, but parking at the Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish Church was already full, we had to park by the road side. 

We witnessed the lovely ceremony and at around 5:30PM we were ready to head to the reception.

The Wedding Reception

We drove westward along the Tagaytay-Calamba Road to reach the Bali Village Hotel Resort and Spa. By then it was getting dark and so cold it’s as if we’re in Baguio City!

Parking area at the venue is good so we were able to park easily. The place is lovely too! We were there for the whole reception until 9PM.

Our Stay at Dominique Hotel

We slept soundly in our room and in the morning we were able to buy sweet delicacies just across the street before we packed our things and drove back home. Although there are swimming pools in the vicinity we didn’t take a dip because it’s really cold.

We weren’t able to visit the Taal Lake or the famous Sky Ranch during our stay because we needed to leave as soon as possible, but next time we’ll make it a point to visit those places.

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PRC License Renewal

This is a late post. It was written in December 2016. 

At exactly 8:00 o’clock in this Friday December morning I was entering the premises of PRC Head Office. 
The area of Morayta brings back memories of being a fresh graduate reviewing for and applying for board exams, and then getting the license. 

Now almost 10 years later not much have changed especially withinthe PRC premises. It’s still dark upon entering, and the counters and offices are much like the same. 

I filled out the forms for renewal and change of name due to marriage. I needed 2×2 photos with white background and the notarized form- all that were accomplished in one of the stalls outside. 

I paid Php1065 for this and I will be getting the plastic card February 16, 2017 onwards. 

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Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Sometimes we ladies miss a very important step before re-touching our make-up. So before you apply that pressed powder using the puff or brush, read on.

Our skin naturally produces oils that contribute to shine and the wearing off of some amount of makeup. Two to three hours with makeup on, somehow the oil begins to build up and alter what used to be a made-up look. When we immediately re-touch with additional powder, the powder mixes with the oil and produces a thick and sometimes cakey layer. Often this is also the reason why the oil-powder mixture builds up on our powder puffs or on top of the pressed powder on the pan.


The missing step? Blotting the oil first before re-touching! Not with the handkerchief or tissue, but with oil-blotting films.


I use the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film which comes in a very handy pack.

It has that fresh citrus scent which is a little too strong for me but promises a refreshing feel. In an instant the oil is gone, and my skin immediately looks matte and fresh. It’s also silky to the touch. What’s more: I only need to apply so little powder, if at all. There are days when I didn’t need to re-touch because the foundation is still there, unlike when I wipe the oil with tissue or hankie.

There I actually bought another pack so it’s ready when my current one runs out.

Look at that oil that should have been on my face until sun-down! 

Happy oil-free face!

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Over ten years ago, when I was in my late teens and wrinkles were so unknown to my young skin, I first learned about moisturising creams and started using them. I tried out a lot of brands before I came to know Human Heart Nature products to which I became loyal to since three years ago when I was 27 years old. 

I had my pregnancy and all those late night mothering seasons through the course of using just Human Heart Nature products on my face. And now that I’m 30 years old I noticed that my skin had gotten even drier and those fine lines are beginning to multiply and they’re beginning to say hello to the whole wide world. 

It got me thinking: could Human Heart Nature be really enough for my dry skin? 

After several days of comparing the anti-aging and moisturising brands, I decided to try the famous Olay Total Effects Day Cream. 

Good thing that 8gram packs are now being sold in drugstores. It’s so convenient to carry along and it wouldn’t hurt a lot if after trial one wishes not to continue using it. By the way I got this at Mercury Drug at Php159. 

I can describe the smell of the product as clean, mild, and professional. Why professional? It gives me the feeling that this is real, unlike the other trying hard creams that are masked with too much fragrance. 

During daytime I apply it before anything else – that means before my sunscreen and foundation. Before bed I use it to top my Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil Luxe. 

It’s been almost a week and I can say that the tightness in my face has been reduced a bit. I also notice the rough spots being softened now. 

I hope this really works form me. Will give updates when possible. 

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Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2017 – Orange

After several weeks, welcome myself back to blogging! With this comeback I am very happy and excited to announce that I already got my 2017 daybook from Mercury Drug! 

The Mercury Drug Suki Daybook 2017

I’ve been a fan of the drugstore company’s daybook since they started on it in 2013. All those years I’ve been choosing the red variety (except for 2013 which is white and no other option is available). It’s just this year that I’d try to choose a different color. Well there is red and green as well. 

For those of you who don’t know how to get this, it can be yours in exchange of 30 points from your Mercury Drug Suki Card, and Php200 worth of purchases at any Mercury Drug store will give you 1 suki point. 

I was just surprised that unlike the previous years, this doesn’t come with discount cards. I hardly ever use them anyway so it’s just for those who are expecting for those perks. 

Its pages are similar with the 2016 daybook, but it now features healthy food. 

A lot to unpack with this orange goodness. 

I’m now excited for 2017!  ☺