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Tropically-Mauve Lips

It’s been a month-long search for a matte lipstick with a basic nude tone with a hint of orange. I’ve been searching but it’s either I find the shade but not matte, or not find a shade at all. 

This morning I went on to experiment with what I have in order to achieve the lip color that i want: not so nude but not so colorful, that thing in between! 

I pulled my Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Mauve (left), and Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Tropical Coral (right).  

By the way the Mauve is so nude when I put it on. I use it on days when I have time to overdo the rest of my face like my eyelids have eyeshadows and liners and my eyelashes have mascarras on them. It kind of balances what’s going on around. 

The Tropical Coral is the opposite. It’s a hot-orangey-red thing that I get to use so seldomly because it really is catchy. 

So there are two rarely-used lipsticks which are going to do a breakthrough. 

I first glided on the Mauve on my clean lips just like how I usually apply matte lippies. And then I dabbed the Tropical Coral on my little finger and applied it on my now nude lips. After simple blending, here’s what I got:

Perfectly sweet!  

It’s nude with a hint of between pinkish and orangey. 

With that I’m enjoying it for the day and many simple days ahead.