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Advertisement Matters

It’s been almost a month since I discovered, an app that lets me pay bills and a lot more.

To date, I have made the following transactions:

  • 5 money orders to fill my wallet (thru 7,Eleven, DragonPay – SM Bills Payment Center and PNB Online Banking)
  • 12 mobile phone reloads (9 of which to my colleagues and 3 for me – all for Globe Telecom!)
  • 4 personal money-transfers (thru Cebuana Lhuillier and Landbank Deposit)

I haven’t done much, have I? Since I enjoyed all the transactions and hope to have more in the future, I guess I need to put some more effort in letting more people know that they can process their bills payment and more by transacting with me. Because the farthest that I ever went for this is tell my office teammates (group of seven) that I do this. I also printed a simple ad that I hang on our gate at home during the times when I am there – an ad which returned zero customer up to now.

I plan to earn an additional income from this aside from just wanting to do it. I’d probably post an update when I make any progress. For now I have to think about advertising it strategically to return a significant number of customers.


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Load that Wallet! (Thru SM Bills Payment Center)

Upon exploring other convenient means for me to load my wallet, I learned that I can save a lot in my cash-in fees by buying from SM Bills Payment Center. Cash-in fee is what you pay the cash facility that will enter the purchased amount to your wallet so you can make your payments/transactions through

In my experience with 7-Eleven, they charge 2% on top of the purchased amount. For Php 2,000 I’m charged with additional Php 40.

For SM Bills Payment center, I will be charged Php 20 for a Php 2,000 load. I initially liked to load Php 10,000 and the fee was just Php 40. I think for a minimum of Php 4,000 and up, the fee is fixed at Php 40.

So if I’ll earn Php 500 as the 5% rebate from the Php 10,000 (assuming that I’ll load prepaid telephone subscriptions with the whole amount), then I’ll get a clean Php 460 when that cash-in fee is subtracted.

That’s a decent earning, right? I’ll just have to establish my customer base and process as much transactions as possible.

I’m actually dreaming of selling Php 100,000 worth of bills payment/loads/etc. in a month. So that would give me about Php 4,600 additional income in a month.

May I succeed! 🙂

About my SM Bills Payment Center experience:

I did my money order thru the app. The complete instructions was sent to me through email. It said I should pay a total of Php 10,040 at any SM Bills Payment Center (which is very rampant in my city) through the biller Dragonpay within two days. So I did it in SM City North EDSA Department Store. That was around 2PM and my wallet was loaded with Php 10,000 at around 8 PM. That was pretty fast! I am so satisfied with how these things are going. I think I’m all set up. I can have my transactions full-blast!



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Load That Wallet! (Thru 7-Connect)

After learning about this personal payment center and downloading the app, which is so easy to use, I needed to load the wallet in order to conduct my first transaction.

I was glad that they have a lot of methods on how to load the wallet. Here’s an excerpt of the few ways via website:

load wallet.JPG

I initially chose the first one, 7-Eleven coinsXpress. I just had to order for a wallet load in the website or via the app first, and then I received a confirmation email from containing the complete instructions on how to complete the order. It said I should pay at any 7-Eleven store for the purchased load to enter my wallet.

I pass by a 7-Eleven store on my way home each day so on that particular day I dropped by the store, went directly to the cashier to pay for my wallet load. In the same email, a reference number was given and it came with a barcode which the cashier can just scan. Unfortunately the scan thing did not work for some reason – maybe because she was scanning on my phone screen – so I just gave the reference number. Out came the receipt after I handed a total of Php 1020. Immediately there was this notification on my phone that I received the Php 1000 load in the wallet.

I was good to go! I re-loaded the prepaid number of my office mate right away. For P50 Globe load that I sent, I was instantly given the 5% rebate, which is P2.50. is true, and it’s working! I’m excited to do more with this app.


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It Was Just Out of Boredom

Yesterday as I was browsing my Facebook page there was this ad telling about a woman who was a walking payment center through I clicked the link and it redirected me to the story about how the particular woman earned by paying bills, re-loading cellphone credits, and many more.

Being the one that pays all our household bills, I considered the idea of using this just for something new to do and to avail of the rebates (for extra income). Initially I also want to be of service to the people around me who need to pay their bills and conduct other transactions more conveniently than usual.

Here’s a primer that is simple and easy to understand. I got it from the website and it convinced me in no time to download the application, sign up and start my own payment center right away!


All I needed was a phone, which I have: Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos. This is where all transactions will be keyed-in. Actually if I don’t like to use my phone I can also transact in the website but using the phone is more flexible as I can do it anywhere and probably anytime.

It was not stated but I also need a good internet connection, which I also have, since the transactions can only be carried out online.

I also need to add money to my wallet, which is initially empty. The money in the wallet will be used to pay the transaction that will be requested by my first customers.

This got me really excited and I’d be happy to share my experiences here. I’ll keep you posted!