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Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Sometimes we ladies miss a very important step before re-touching our make-up. So before you apply that pressed powder using the puff or brush, read on.

Our skin naturally produces oils that contribute to shine and the wearing off of some amount of makeup. Two to three hours with makeup on, somehow the oil begins to build up and alter what used to be a made-up look. When we immediately re-touch with additional powder, the powder mixes with the oil and produces a thick and sometimes cakey layer. Often this is also the reason why the oil-powder mixture builds up on our powder puffs or on top of the pressed powder on the pan.


The missing step? Blotting the oil first before re-touching! Not with the handkerchief or tissue, but with oil-blotting films.


I use the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film which comes in a very handy pack.

It has that fresh citrus scent which is a little too strong for me but promises a refreshing feel. In an instant the oil is gone, and my skin immediately looks matte and fresh. It’s also silky to the touch. What’s more: I only need to apply so little powder, if at all. There are days when I didn’t need to re-touch because the foundation is still there, unlike when I wipe the oil with tissue or hankie.

There I actually bought another pack so it’s ready when my current one runs out.

Look at that oil that should have been on my face until sun-down! 

Happy oil-free face!

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Over ten years ago, when I was in my late teens and wrinkles were so unknown to my young skin, I first learned about moisturising creams and started using them. I tried out a lot of brands before I came to know Human Heart Nature products to which I became loyal to since three years ago when I was 27 years old. 

I had my pregnancy and all those late night mothering seasons through the course of using just Human Heart Nature products on my face. And now that I’m 30 years old I noticed that my skin had gotten even drier and those fine lines are beginning to multiply and they’re beginning to say hello to the whole wide world. 

It got me thinking: could Human Heart Nature be really enough for my dry skin? 

After several days of comparing the anti-aging and moisturising brands, I decided to try the famous Olay Total Effects Day Cream. 

Good thing that 8gram packs are now being sold in drugstores. It’s so convenient to carry along and it wouldn’t hurt a lot if after trial one wishes not to continue using it. By the way I got this at Mercury Drug at Php159. 

I can describe the smell of the product as clean, mild, and professional. Why professional? It gives me the feeling that this is real, unlike the other trying hard creams that are masked with too much fragrance. 

During daytime I apply it before anything else – that means before my sunscreen and foundation. Before bed I use it to top my Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil Luxe. 

It’s been almost a week and I can say that the tightness in my face has been reduced a bit. I also notice the rough spots being softened now. 

I hope this really works form me. Will give updates when possible. 

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Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2017 – Orange

After several weeks, welcome myself back to blogging! With this comeback I am very happy and excited to announce that I already got my 2017 daybook from Mercury Drug! 

The Mercury Drug Suki Daybook 2017

I’ve been a fan of the drugstore company’s daybook since they started on it in 2013. All those years I’ve been choosing the red variety (except for 2013 which is white and no other option is available). It’s just this year that I’d try to choose a different color. Well there is red and green as well. 

For those of you who don’t know how to get this, it can be yours in exchange of 30 points from your Mercury Drug Suki Card, and Php200 worth of purchases at any Mercury Drug store will give you 1 suki point. 

I was just surprised that unlike the previous years, this doesn’t come with discount cards. I hardly ever use them anyway so it’s just for those who are expecting for those perks. 

Its pages are similar with the 2016 daybook, but it now features healthy food. 

A lot to unpack with this orange goodness. 

I’m now excited for 2017!  ☺