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His First Proper Pee While Asleep

One of the perks of raising a child is getting to witness their firsts and milestones. Those who raise their kids full-time enjoy a hundred percent of this, but to working moms like me, witnessing my son’s firsts (a few of which would luckily fall on weekends, holidays or evenings) is a total gem!

Just like today during his after-lunch nap, after an hour of snoozing in the living room, he cries out “wiwi” and consciously arose and found me taking his peeing container to him. I pulled down his totally dry diaper and made him pee to the container until his bladder is empty. He then went back to his pillow, puffed out some odorous (but to me,funny!) fart, and closed his eyes back to sleep. What a relief for a 2-year old!

That was his first time peeing properly while asleep!

While he already got the training to pee propery while awake, it has been my question how we would train him to tell us that he would go pee while sleeping. And now this.

I’m one happy mother!

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Our 2nd UTI Experience

Day 1.

It was the dawn of Sunday when the thermometer read 39.5 degrees Celsius for my 2-year old son. This is after giving him paracetamol 6 hours ago for a sudden fever at 10PM of Saturday. The fever was accompanied by his constant whimpering. This cannot be left un-treated.

My husband, who pre-packed some things to bring with us in case we go to the emergency room, immediately started the car and then in a breeze we were on our way to the nearest hospital, the Divine Heart Medical Service and Development Cooperative (DIHMESCO) General Hospital.

It is a hospital located in Novaliches Bayan, and although it is not accredited by my son’s health card (Asianlife), we opted to go there as it is just around 10 minutes from our house. It is here where he was also confined last September to cure his Pneumonia.

There, 5:30 AM we were parked in the lone parking slot in front of the hospital and was welcomed by the staff. We gave our son’s name so the receiving nurse can look up his medical records, and then after getting his weight and temperature we were guided to give urine and blood for testing. CBC costs P360, Urinalysis for P105, and a service fee of P180 were our initial expense paid to the cashier before the test.

My son was cooperative in giving his urine sample on the container. He was also calm when his ring finger was pricked for the blood sample.

In less than 30 minutes the results were out and we were seen by the resident physician. The urinalysis showed that pus cells in the urine were too many to count (TMTC) meaning there is a serious infection in the urinary tract and we need to have the patient admitted for treatment and to prevent dehydration (and convulsions perhaps).

Next thing we knew our son was ready for intravenous antibiotics with dextrose. He also underwent skin test while in the emergency room. All the while he was crying.

Unlike our previous hospitalizations, it’s amazing that this time with the implementation of the new ruling in admitting emergency patients, no deposit was collected from us upon admission. Before we paid P3000 before we were accommodated.

We chose the best room that is available which costs P1,600 per day. It has two beds, a comfort room, television set, air-conditioner and refrigerator.

My son started receiving antibiotics that very morning and for the whole day, which he has been having his fever still, we gave him paracetamol to manage the temperature.

The doctor came to see him some time in the afternoon and ordered an ultrasound and urine culture, which was done in the evening.

Days 2 and 3.

During these days I secured my Philhealth Certificate of Remittance and CF1 Form from the Human Resources of the company where I work. They will be needed for Philhealth benefit claims upon our bill-out from the hospital later on. I submitted them, together with a copy of my son’s birth certificate, to the Philhealth coordinator of the hospital.

My son improved a lot with the fever gone. He’d like to move a lot, if not for his IV. So I entertained him with his Fish-Alphabet Puzzle and alternating it with some Play-Doh Videos on youtube. Antibiotics – IV was continuously given to him every 6 hours.

The doctor made his rounds every afternoon and on Day 3 he ordered for a repeat urinalysis, which came out fine. We were advised to wait for the result of the urine culture however, which was expected to arrive in the morning of Day 4, so we stayed for another night.

Day 4.

At this day I was already dying to go home but had to relax myself to keep my sanity. My son’s so active and happy that by the time he heard the doctor saying we can go home now he started jumping and thumping and moving around. Thank God that aside from my son’s nanny, my mother came over to save the day.

Result of urine culture hasn’t arrived yet so it will just be discussed during our follow-up check-up this coming Saturday. Prescription for oral antibiotics was given and later discussed by the nurse.

We received the bill mounting to P18,000, less Philhealth amounting to P10,000. We had to cash out P8,000, which I paid and hopefully can reimburse with Asianlife. Thank God for these benefits that we get from the government and from the company that we work in. After payment, the clearance issued by the cashier was given to the nurse station, triggering them to finally remove the IV. What a relief! My son was even more happy by that time.

I secured the billing statement, medical certificate which states the diagnosis as acute pyelonephritis, and the prescription for oral administration.

We were home by 6pm of Day 4. Home sweet home. Thank God for this journey that we had to face as a family.


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My Name is Pa-Pan. 

Just last night I realized that my almost two-year old son can pronounce a name for each one of us in the house. 

For the longest time, he’s been correctly calling my husband “Papay”. He’s supposed to call me “Mamay”, and our companion in the house as “Manang”. 

During the many times when Papay is not around, the little boy would say some variations of Papay I supposed. These are “Pappa” and many times “Papan”. 

Last night he made it clear to us all. He would hug Manang as he says “Mama”, and then he would tug me and say “Papan”. 

My nickname, which my husband and Manang calls me by, is pronounced similar to “Pan”. That means the child has picked it up and made it into “Papan”, which reasonably matches “Papay”. 

Next time I ‘d know that it’s not his father that he’s calling on, but me. 

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Holiday Laughters

The lights have been dimmed and it’s ultimately bedtime. I can hear the ticking clock and the buzz of the airconditioning unit. But greater than the silence of the night, your laughter rings cheerfully in my head. 

This is indeed a great long weekend with you. And on this particular day I get to hear a lot of your giggles and strong happy words. And even though your voice keeps on resounding as I try to sleep, I still haven’t gotten enough of it. 

I love you dearly my little child. Your laughter is gold, your smiles are gems, and your hugs and kisses are my treasures. You are God’s wonderful gift. 

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Dear Son… 

It will be several years before you read this. When you’re in grade-school perhaps, or when you’re all grown up with a family of your own. I just want to write this letter so you would know how your father and I are enjoying each moment with you.


From the moment you wake up with that ready smile on your face, or with a loud wail because I am not by your side, or with that mischievous yell telling us that you’re gonna rock the house in no time.


We love your pull at any of our hands to prompt us to get you upstairs for some playtime or milktime; or towards the kitchen to open the refrigerator for some sweet treats.


We love how you insist having your own toothbrush with a smear of toothpaste whenever you see us brushing our own teeth. And did you know how great you were as you learned brushing your teeth by just imitating your father. You’re just 22 months old but you have developed the habit willingly and cooperatively!


We love the decibels as you shout at the top of your lungs when you stomp your feet or when you run around our lovely house. It’s out of your happiness or out of your running from your fresh diapers. Did I mention how you scream in the shower as the water droplets begin drenching your body during bathtime.


We love your little hands that pick up the utensils and get your share of food from our plate. How we want to fill your tummy with all the good things. You also pick up the food by your hand, leaving no mess behind.


We love that you organize many things around the house by piling them up into a line, or putting them above each other. You also know that after playtime all toys go into those drawers.


We love how you love your slippers because they are your keys towards the fresh air outside. You can run and play in our yard and along the streets with your friends. You’ve got a lot of friends in the neighborhood. We’re amazed how congenial you are!


We love the TV shows and commercials that turn on that dancing and singing buttons in you. Indeed we can never be happier just watching you enjoy even those things.


We love how you laugh at silly things that we do – from making your stuffed toys alive, to putting on dipper-like objects on your big head as if they were caps, to slapping each others’ butts.


We love your first words although most of the time it’s only you who understands. We know that there will come a time when we can fully understand each other, but right now we try our best to understand you by heart.


We love your delight in our escapades. You’re that child who’s easily transported, how you made it easy for us to travel from our house to anywhere. And for the record, you never pooped inside the mall or church or anywhere where it’s so difficult to clean you up. But we even love watching you poop! You have the most handsome face no matter what you do!


We love the bravery as you discovered that water is not your enemy. How you want to walk in the swimming pool and you never wanted to leave the slide.


And until the moment when you get fussy and wouldn’t know how to fight the sleepyness anymore, we love the little child that you are! Until that last nudge of the day, or that last dance as  we carry you into a little dance, or that last hug to seal the night of hums and lullabies… We love those sleepy little eyes that slowly shut into your handsome white face. And those red lips that rest into a small silent opening. And then you’re asleep… Until those moments of our waking hours we enjoy watching you.


We love you so much, son! We thank God so much for giving you to us. You are our home.

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8th Birthday Present

Today is my toddler’s playmate’s 8th birthday. We met her (let’s call her Vee) since we moved to our temporary home two months ago. She lives across our unit and since she came to know my son (who is nearly 6 years younger than her), she would come to our house at least once a day to spend time with him. 

She have become my son’s best friend. They would play games, watch TV shows, dance along the latest tunes, have snacks together, just hang out! My son would scream in glee once Vee is on the door, and he would pout his lips for a kiss with her as she would leave. 

A few weeks after meeting Vee, my son came to know other kids along our new/temporary street, but Vee remained to be his favorite. 

I’m amazed and inspired by their friendship. Indeed, Vee has invested a lot of time for my toddler, which resulted to their extraordinary bond. 

So for Vee’s special day, I bought a pair of leggings and a matching top which I wrapped up and let my son hand it to her. 

I hope that their friendship will go on throughout their growing up years. I am so happy for both of them. 

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My Weekender Delight

Last night we were two emotionally and physically-drained married persons. Tonight we are about to sleep as a husband and wife who are mentally and romantically-charged. 

You got me right. Last night we found ourselves unable to discuss some things well. And then suddenly I became emotional that tears became difficult to contain within my eyelids. Sadness and frustrations began surfacing in our conversation over matters of our daily routine where we found each other caught up with. 

And then, as usual, my loving husband would want us to talk over it further, but found ourselves both drained really. We were just hugging each other when the magic words came from his mouth: “Would you want us to have a leave from work tomorrow?

As in spend the day alone together, disconnected with our responsibilities and concerns. I did not hesitate and we slept, looking forward to how we would spend this Friday.

Being married means we share a lot of things. Well, we share our lives and at the same time we are growing a new life (our son). We’re building our family. This means that we can also experience burn-out together mainly because of things that happen in our individual selves that do not contribute possitively to the marriage. And for us, our temporary stay in a different house seem to be the culprit. The adjustment put a lot of stress in each of us and we really just wish that our house renovation will be completed soon so we can go back to our real nest. 

I’m just glad, and would really recommend to other couples as well, that we took this chance to unwind alone together. Yes we have our weekend affairs, Sundays in church, and Fridates. But just for this particular season, we used our vacation leave just to spend the whole day spontaneously. 

We left the house at the usual time that we leave for work. That is really early so while waiting for the malls to open, part of the itinerary around the vicinity was to check into a hotel where we stayed for two hours (like crazy lovers stealing every chance we can get). After that we had our halo-halo, then headed to the mall to see the movie The Achy Breaky Heart. I found out that the movie is best for single ladies in their 30s or beyond, but made me feel thankful that my husband fought for me and married me that I no longer need this movie to lift me up. We shopped for books and our little one’s diapers (can’t really get away with responsibilities after all). I’ll tell you about the books in a separate post because right now I can excitedly say that I need them and will surely love to share what I’d read about.

We had great food in between.  We were able to reconnect with each other and from here we can prepare to face the coming days with bright faces, both feeling loved and renewed. 

How sweet it is to be married! 

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Kamote Tops

Since we’re staying in another home for a month now, and as I stressed in Item No. 4 in my blog about our move, we’re making the most out of our stay here. 

There’s a little backyard and front yard and we’re maximizing the bare soil. You see the soil is what the stray cats used as their litter box for the longest time before we moved in. This gave out an unpleasant smell at first, but at the same time by now I can say that the feline activity has greatly contributed to the richness of the soil. The organic matter would be a good home for some vegetation!

In the front yard I planted ornamental plants-those that are nice to have to beautify the house. 

At the back I decided to plant vegetables and for a start I set aside the sweet potato (kamote) cuttings that I bought from the market for Php 8. After getting the “talbos” for our Sinigang dish, I planted the cuttings in two rows. After a week, here’s how they look:


They’re alive!!! Just look at those young sprouts reaching up to the sky. Soon they’d become heavy enough and would be bowing down low on the ground where they would propagate new roots. Hurray to an unlimited supply of talbos ng kamote!

Okay even though the soil where they are planted is not that garden-like as there are full of small debris, this awesome and nutritious plant is not that picky since it can grow in this environment! How we must learn from kamote!

I have plans of adding to my vegetable collection so I think we really have some work to do in preparing the soil. After all, not all plants can be that resilient.

I’m excited to share the next vegetables, and who knows there can be herbs and spices, too!

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Toddler Feeding Struggles

I know parents can quickly relate to the struggle when those little lips are sealed close at the sight of a spoon approaching.

For nearly half a year my son stopped eating the things he used to like. He would have a few bites of the same food for many days. Just those few bites for the whole day will get him by. There are days when he wouldn’t eat at all. He returned to being an infant, relying on just milk.

Conscious about that advise not to force-feed, and that he is generally active and healthy, I kept on waiting for him to finally like to eat again.

Until I coudn’t help but give him his final week before I take him to the pedia for further consultation (my pedia is just a text away in terms of advices on what milk or multivitamins to give).

During that week,  which was about 2 weeks ago, I talked to my little one (who is now 20 months old) to eat. I forced him. I enclosed him in my arms and drove the spoon towards his mouth. It was a struggle for the first several meals. My husband was a great help as he was the one who often held the little boy as I fed him. Soon he began loving certain dishes that it was him who’s leaning towards the plate. What an answered prayer, his appetite is back!

I am so glad that he wants food again.  I think it was wrong that we relied on the caregiver to get him eating. Our hands-on effort as parents really mattered. We see to it that he is fed in the morning before we leave for work, and in the evening as we arrive home.

Here’s to more feeding times and less milk!